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    RCD, C Sqn 1951...help with VAC claim

    I am helping a friend with a VAC claim.  He served with  C Sqn, RCD at Petawawa in 1951.  While in the field, he contracted trench mouth.  He has a sick report dated 01 Sep 1951 saying he had trench mouth and he thinks others were ill at the same time.  If anyone was around at the time and...
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    100th Anniversary - 318 Woodstock RCACC

    The week-end of May 20-22, we are celebrating the 100th anniversary of 318 Royal Canadian Army Cadet Corps in Woodstock, NB.  That makes the Corps the oldest, continuous Army Cadet Corps in the province.  I know there are members of this site who were in 318 RCACC and we invite them to...
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    100th Anniversary - 318 RCACC

    318 RCACC of Woodstock, NB will be celebrating its 100th Anniversary on the weekend of May 20-22, 2011.  We are trying to contact former cadets and staff to invite them to join in on the fun.  Please PM me if you are interested.
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    Another Red Friday Rally - Woodstock NB

    A Red Friday Rally in support of our men and women in uniform will be held on Friday, June 18th, 2010.  Citizens, families, interested groups, first responders, past and present members of our Armed Forces, etc. are urged to attend.  Please meet in the parking lot beside the Maj. J.D. Winslow...
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    Sgt. Clair Robinson - Provost Corps

    Clair Robinson of Jacksonville, NB passed away at his home on Jan. 30th, 2010.  He joined the Canadian Army in 1952 and retired in 1980.  He was a member of the Provost Corps and served in Cyprus, Germany, Japan,  and numerous places in Canada.  He is survived by his wife Phyllis and sons Mark...
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    Shoulder Flashes/Cap Badges for sale

    I am looking for a dealer to buy my extras...i.e. WWII and post-WWII shoulder flashes and cap badges. Please PM me at rlmacfarlane@xplornet.com
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    St. Barbara's Day

    Happy St. Barbara's Day everyone!!!  Ubique  :salute:
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    Veterans" Ombudsman to visit Woodstock NB

    The Veterans' Ombudsman, Col. (Ret'd) Pat Stogran will visit Woodstock NB on Thurs. Nov. 5th at 1930 hrs at the Community Room of the Carleton Civic Center.  The Ombudsman will be speaking to area Veterans about various key issues.  Everyone welcome.  For more information contact Woodstock...
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    Passing of CWO Rod Croucher

    Rod passed away at the Oromocto Public Hospital on March 25th, 2009.  He is survived by his wife Dianne Donnelle, his son Rod of Alberta, a brother and sisters.  Visitation will be at the Oromocto Select Community Funeral Home on Friday, March 27th from 2-4 and 7-9.  The funeral service will...
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    passing of Lt-Col. Kirk McGeachy, CD, CET - 3 Fd Regt

    Lt.-Col. McGeachy passed away accidentally on Nov. 3, 2008.  He enrolled in 3 Fd Regt RCA in 1972.  He was CO of the Regiment from 1998-2001 and from  2005-2008.  For complete details, go to www.brenansfh.com.    Thank you for your service, Kirk.........condolences to your family and friends. ...
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    Restored military vehicle - now need uniform

    A friend is in the process of restoring a 1952 Willys Jeep.  He has it in good running order and still has some minor things to do.  He would like to  obtain a uniform of the same era for the driver.    Does anyone have any suggestions where we could get such a uniform?  Thanks Ubique
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    Red Friday Support Rally - Saint John NB - 28 Sep 07

    Thanks to the Greenslade family and friends, there will be a Red Friday Support Rally in Saint John, NB on Sept. 28th......"To Thank, Remember, and Welcome Back Those Who Have Served Our Country" The Rally will begin at 11:30 am at Harbour Passage (enter from Market Square or HMCS Brunswicker)...
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    Ruxted Group Announcement - a Conspiracy??

    On reading the announcement from the Ruxted Group regarding their identity, I find it very fitting that 2 of the 3 gentlemen on the upcoming masthead are.....GUNNERS!  Do you suppose this is a conspiracy of those who serve the guns????  Are we going to be taking over - first the Ruxted...
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    Woodstock's Old Home Week

    Greetings from Woodstock, NB.  Old Home Week is under way with the theme being "60 Years of Making Memories and Supporting Our Troops".  Families, friends and supporters of our troops will be in the parade today along with many veterans.  Everyone is encouraged to wear red all week long. ...
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    Red Friday Valley Rally

    There will be a Red Friday Valley Rally in Woodstock, NB on May 18th.  People from communities from Nackawic to Plaster Rock will be gathering in Woodstock in a show of support for our troops.  If anyone from other areas of NB - or anywhere - would be interested in coming to Woodstock, you...
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    passing of Dearman, Paul Michael

    Paul died on Dec. 4th.  He is survived by his wife, Valerie, and his children  Marsha (her husband Gregory), David & Denise and grandchildren.  He served his country for 29 years as a member of the RCHA.  Paul retired to the Oromocto area.  Service will be held on Tues. Dec. 12th at St...
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    St. Barbara's Day

    Isn't today St. Barbara's Day?  Happy St. Barbara's Day!      Ubique
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    Re: Rumours, Official Announcements and Respect

    right on, Michael!  Thank you for reminding everyone.  Read and heed, folks........ Ubique
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    wanted: coat, all-weather, female

    Mrs. Fiddlhead would like to acquire a military all-weather coat but is unsure of size in military terms.  Can anyone help?  Thank you.
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    arty regts associations helping with Operation Small Pack?

    I had a former gunner asking if any of the artillery associations were collecting donations towards Operation Small Pack or similar endeavours to help our deployed troops.  I had put the PPCLI fund address and the RCR Fund address in a newsletter to try to get people to donate.  This fellow...