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  1. Gronk

    Inside the RCMP's Biggest Crisis: Mar 9th Macleans Magazine Cover Story

    Being the luddite that I am, I am unable to supply the link to this article. After having spent two hrs single finger typing my commentary on this article, I was very dismayed and PO'd to find that I used the wrong format for my link, and the whole post dissapeared in the ether. Perhaps a kind...
  2. Gronk

    Letter to the Editor Re: Canada's Role in the Fight Against ISIS

    The following is a letter to the editor printed in my local newspaper here in Whitehorse. Re: Debate about the Canadian Armed Forces' role in the fight against ISIS   As a Canadian Veteran, I would like to dispel a few myths, and elevate the debate in regards to Canada's role in this fight...
  3. Gronk

    Question about "Kandahar Cigar Club"

    Hi Folks,               Did a search on yahoo & this site - Couldn't find anything.   What is the Kandahar Cigar Club?     The reason I'm asking is: I received as a gift what appear to be 2 unit badges from someone who just returned from the sandbox. The first badge is a OMLT/ 1/205 BDE...
  4. Gronk

    A couple questions for the tankers ref Afg

    Hi All,             I have a couple questions about armoured units in Afg. First, some background on me:My name is Darcy Grossinger and I am chair of Br#254 Royal Canadian Legion's Support Our Troops Committee in Whitehorse. What we do is, we "adopt" a platoon of Can soldiers in Afg and send...