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  1. Tyler_Flint

    WTB CF Issue OD Combat pants. Used or New.

    Hello, looking for a set of OD combat pants for cadets, I have the shirt (which is alittle big on me) and I now need the pants, so if anyone has a set they would like to sell or give away, please pm me or reply.
  2. Tyler_Flint

    WTB CF Issue OD LBV. (Under $25)

    Hello, Im looking for an old CF issue OD LBV (Load Bearing Vest) In size Large or XLarge, If anyone has one of theese sitting around and would like to part with it please pm me or reply to this thread. It does not need to be in perfect condition, as long as its usable then Im interested...
  3. Tyler_Flint

    WTB CF 64 Pattern Jump Ruck. Under $75

    Hello, I am looking for a decent (useable) condition 64 Pattern Jump Ruck includeing the frame, bag, shoulder straps, pads ect. I am hopeing to pay under $75. The ruck does not need to be all authentic repairs may have been made new parts ect. As long as it has a 64 pattern frame and  I could...
  4. Tyler_Flint

    Help on mantaining desert combat boots.

    Hello, I have a pair of CF issue desert combat boots and I was wondering whta the best way was to maintain them. Ie; certain products to apply to them ect. Any help you folks could offer would be much appreciated. Thanks.  :camo: