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  1. ChopperHead

    Federal Correctional Officers Want Pepper Spray

    I didn't know that Co's were so under equipped. I find this odd that Co's aren't allowed to carry. Here in BC the Provincial Sherifs carry a gun, pepper spray, handcuffs, club and some other misc. items. They are basically in charge of prisoners at the court house and prisoner transfers and...
  2. ChopperHead

    Mobile Support Equipment Operator (MSE Op) [Merged]

    I know it's a hard comparison to make but do you think you could give me a comparison between 935 and 011. Those are the 2 trades I'm Torrin between right now. I LOVE driving and I love vehicles, I'm just worried that I might get bored with MSE Op as people have told me it gets really dull...
  3. ChopperHead

    Mobile Support Equipment Operator (MSE Op) [Merged]

    Well im fresh with some more questions for ya  ;D is there much growth happening in the trade? Do many people stay in the trade for their career or at least a good chunk of it? have you ever comepted in the CF Roadeo or CANADIAN FORCES PROFESSIONAL DRIVER CHAMPIONSHIP as it's offcially called...
  4. ChopperHead

    FY 06/07 numbers for NCM

    are there many people applying for Mse Op? i see there is only 66 postions available and was just wondering if there are lots of competion for those placements or is it kinda stagnant? Also do you expect the number of postions available to increase at all in the near future?
  5. ChopperHead

    Westboro Church Protest Mega-thread

    You're a redneck? I don't think so. How many rednecks out there are bleeding heart side with the protester hippies? NONE rednecks are for the the most part the patriotic right winged type. Personally I say send in the cops with riot gear and give them something to remember them by  :threat: but...
  6. ChopperHead

    National ID Cards

    If you combine several pieces of ID such as birth certificate, heath card, social insurance, Drivers license etc then if you loose it your SOL cause you need those things and would take a considerable amount of time for it to be replaced. what if it gets stolen? would it not make a criminals...
  7. ChopperHead

    Brokeback Mountain Challenge

    Free brokeback Terminator 3 rise of the Brokeback brokeback runnings Star Trek: the seach for Brokeback A gentlemens brokeback Brokeback race 2000 The whole 9 brokebacks Brokeback Harbor Night of the living brokeback
  8. ChopperHead

    National ID Cards

    I don't like the idea of a national Id card as it really won't accomplish anything and will just cost us lots of money, just like the gun registry. It would also make the bureaucracy unbearably slow, imagine everyone in Canada all applying to the same place for their ID it would take a year or...
  9. ChopperHead

    Grammar and Sentence Structures

    I was not referring to DS members as that is their job. And yes I did write it myself. But thats not the point. I do have the ability to use those good grammar techniques for the most part. However I don't see the point of wasting my time to do it on an internet forum. I do now because i was...
  10. ChopperHead

    Canada vs Russia.

    Should be a good game. If we bring our A game then I don't think the Russians will be that much of a problem.
  11. ChopperHead

    Grammar and Sentence Structures

    yes and if i was applying for a job or wrighting a university paper or whatever then I would wright properly and take the time to cross my T's and dot my I's. My resume happens to be very well written and so are my essays, reports etc.   My post was referring exclusively to this forum. If...
  12. ChopperHead

    Grammar and Sentence Structures

    Well as someone who has gotten in trouble a bit about grammer and spelling, I can honestly say that I didn't bother to spell right or correct grammar or anything because I don't care.   I absolutely hate grammar and spelling and I don't feel It an issue how someone spells something when it's...
  13. ChopperHead

    Mobile Support Equipment Operator (MSE Op) [Merged]

    Thanks fot the replys guys. Im looking at reg force by the way. couple more questions. Do you guys do anything else besidies driving and the corresponding paperwork? Do you ever get an opputunity to say drive cross country or anything long distance like that? Are the licenses and...
  14. ChopperHead

    Mobile Support Equipment Operator (MSE Op) [Merged]

    Well Im considering becoming a trucker, There is somewhat of a lack of info on the trade though just alot of generic sorta stuff. Im just wondering if someone in the trade could give me the No BS Ins and outs of the trade. I have heard that it gets quite boring, does it or is more of an...
  15. ChopperHead

    Looking for a book on Vietnam

    Well the best Vietnam book I have ever read is "A Time of War" by Michael Peterson. It is not a biography or anything but still very very good. written by a former marine lieutenant.
  16. ChopperHead

    Berlin still uncovering WWII-era bombs

    It's quite scary actually. Bombs and Explosives and what not out in the country side is one thing but when they are scattered all over a large city, thats just scary. I would not want to be a construction worker in Berlin thats for sure.
  17. ChopperHead

    Necessary Television Channels

    All the main channels you get with just your basic cable package. Don't know how many channels that is but somewhere around 40. With my satelite service we have over 900 channels lol, that might sound like alot but it's not really as alot of them are the same thing just from diffrent regions. I...
  18. ChopperHead

    Pet Peeves

    Crime will drop when we stop letting them go. On another note I wish we had more of an american system were you can actually protect yourself, your property etc. In Canada you can't do anything, If someone breaks into my house or trys to steal my stuff, I think I have the right to shoot him...
  19. ChopperHead

    Pet Peeves

    I compelty agree there Zipper, The youth justice act is even worse though. a guy I know has been arrested so many times it really ins't even countable and every time the give him some probabtion or a couple months in Juvie. He stole my dirtbike, Lied to the judge on what happened. even his...
  20. ChopperHead

    Pet Peeves

    why should he have to move it when it's clearly visable? Should not he be the one being accomodated not the other way around?