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    Airsoft recommendations

    Did a quick search on here and found most of the hits in this forum were in this section. Feel free to move if this is more a "Radio Chatter" topic. Just wanted some recommendations from people that tinker around with air soft guns as a hobby to a guy with no experience with them at all. Which...
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    Phobias in the Navy

    I have an unnatural fear of natural bodies of water. More specifically, large, natural bodies of water so deep I can't see the bottom. And whales. My god whales freak me the **** out! Now people have asked[/stated] that, "submarines must be hell for you!" - which they are not. I can be in a...
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    Yeah, that title really doesn't seem to fit in with all the "BMQ tips" and "Turmoil in..." threads. I've noticed that sports activities [and in some cases martial arts] are offered at a variety of bases but nothing I've seen yet is geared towards my little girl's extra-curricular hobbies. I'm...
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    Navy Courses

    I've read http://forums.milnet.ca/forums/threads/30899/post-218150.html#msg218150 and wondered if anyone had courses available to the Navy? Secondly, can persons volunteer for course openings are do you have to wait until a course is offered to you before taking it? Everything I read seems to...
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    When do medical benefits start?

    I've called the recruitment centre a couple times and gotten two varying answers on this. One answer is the day I get to St. Jean, the second is the afternoon post swearing in. Neither person seemed to be able to give certainty with their answer so I thought I'd try my inquiry here. I'm...