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  1. Copper_Sunrise


    I have been selected for FCS tech and I was told I got credit for some of the courses I will be taking during my MOC training. I was wondering if there is any way to find out which courses I have been given credit for. I would like to review a bit before I leave, it's been awhile since I was in...
  2. Copper_Sunrise

    Conditional Acceptance

    I talked to my RC on Friday and was told I had been accepted for my first choice, FCS Tech 434, but they didn't have a position for me yet. So I have a couple questions regarding this, first is this normal does everyone go through the process of waiting for a position to open up or be created...
  3. Copper_Sunrise

    Mail theft follow up

    Ok, I have been complaining a lot about the time of my med file returning from Borden but I have finally gotten to the bottom of it. Awhile ago I was contacted by the police and they told my I had some army letters stolen, turns out it was my whole med file. So I returned it to the recruiting...
  4. Copper_Sunrise

    Mail theft

    I just have a couple questions regarding recruiting centres. Does the recruiting centre make a copy of any letter they mail to the applicants? If they do keep a copy do they keep it at the recruiting centre in a secure area? Who would have access to these documents? I am asking this because...
  5. Copper_Sunrise

    Lost medical letter

    While it turns out Borden sent me a letter saying I meet the medical requirements but my recruiting centre never received one, apparently my letter was sent to the wrong recruitng centre and no one seems to know where it is. Now I was just wondering if this letter does not turn up can Borden...