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  1. Mudshuvel

    Cheating on cfat

    With the constant attacks you have been making on the army.ca userbase, I am surprised this thread hasn't been locked. Army.ca has very little to do with the military organization as a whole other than being a forum where the experienced helps the inexperienced. I'm sure you have your reasons...
  2. Mudshuvel

    The Wisdom Teeth Merged Thread

    I would recommend getting them removed prior to any military obligations. I'm a little fuzzy when it comes to Class A contracts, but with RegF, you must 'DAG green', which means you must be healthy and fit to deploy. Dental falls into that category. If they find that you fall into a risk of...
  3. Mudshuvel

    Questions about joining the Reserves

    I would recommend calling them at the end of the week if you haven't heard anything. They could have typo'd something. With the reserves, there could be multiple units sharing one garrison. Ensure you're contacting the right one. Also, it may be possible your file didn't arrive yet. A lot of...
  4. Mudshuvel

    Fates of former armouries

    The armoury in Moncton was turned into a Soup Kitchen a few years back which was used for Army Cadets and I believe a parade square for the local reservists. The Moncton building is more of the post-WW2 asbestos-built (Ha) style of building than both Halifax and Amherst armouries so probably it...
  5. Mudshuvel

    Criminal Records Check - CRC (Merged)

    The application asks "Have you been charged with a crime for which you have not been pardoned". You will have to select yes. Also, the military will be thorough. It will stop you regardless of whether or not you committed it. Unfortunately, your application will not move forward.
  6. Mudshuvel

    Any women beginning training?

    Just noticed this thread and the OP that opened it. During the recruitment process, you are essentially a number. No one is really looking at sex, religion, or race. The CAF is right now on a drive to recruit females and minorities, so do not think your application will be held back for it...
  7. Mudshuvel

    Flight To BMQ

    You all should be getting a beautiful stack of paperwork to sign/fill out. At that time you will also receive your booking for your flight. Its a piece of paper with flight number, time of flight, etc. Upon arriving in Montreal, a military bus will pick you up. Do not call the driver 'Sir' (lol).
  8. Mudshuvel

    Don't know how to explain to my parents of my career choice

    Well there are trades in the military nobody ever thinks about. The common misconception, my brother unfortunately can't shake it, is if you join the Army- you're infantry. Join the Navy? Sailor. Air Force - Pilot. I would recommend thoroughly looking through trades. Yea, I get it, you want to...
  9. Mudshuvel

    Verification of Former Service (VFS) [Merged]

    Your time in may not change, but to my knowledge unless you finish a qual, you'll have to begin at the start. IE: Had you finished BMQ-L then you'll still have kept the qual.
  10. Mudshuvel

    ATIS Training

    Yea, you should have been prioritized provided your transfer was complete. The way they've been doing it, from at least the ATIS 5s at least, are the retreads first THEN new Aviators, even if that means knocking them off course for you. They stopped throwing up PLARs for you guys too...
  11. Mudshuvel

    Moore's Story

    First time I ever read 'can't wait for Meaford' :)
  12. Mudshuvel

    BMQ with a friend

    Possible, yet not likely. As mentioned in dozens of other posts, you could hypothetically get accepted 4 months from now, he could take over a year. Even if your files were nearly identical. Neat idea, yet don't hold your breath.
  13. Mudshuvel

    Officer occupations – Which one should I choose?

    Please use the search function as it would answer most of those questions. In short form (in order) answers to your questions. 1) Wait until they call, email you. 2) Wait until they call, email you. 3) They'll tell you when they call, email you. 4) You'll find out when they call, email you...
  14. Mudshuvel


    ... should have went Officer... perfect way to VR to being a manaher...
  15. Mudshuvel

    The Depression / Anti Depressants Merged Thread

    It is roughly a minimum of a year after you last take the medication. Celexa may be a mild seratonin inhibitor, but regardless, one year. Work with your Medical Practitioner on the best course of action for removal from the medication and sorting out the issues you are experiencing, then at that...
  16. Mudshuvel

    My journey so far

    Well, saying the 'someone who wants to be there could and could have my spot' before your DP1 should have been before Basic, technically the same thing since you didn't stick it out. You took a spot from someone in Basic. That is why so many have said on this site "Don't take the trade that will...
  17. Mudshuvel

    Officer occupations – Which one should I choose?

    Contact the British Consulate in Vancouver at (604) 683-4421. They should be able to direct you the best. Good luck. Cheers
  18. Mudshuvel


    Jesse, Work on yourself, confer with your Social Worker's and Doctors to work out some suitable option for you. If you are serious in your goals, do it properly and do not rush anything. The military is always going to be around and we want to recruit the best, brightest, and healthiest. Get...
  19. Mudshuvel

    Missing a day of BMQ?

    Thanks for the clarification George.
  20. Mudshuvel

    Missing a day of BMQ?

    It varies by Unit. Talk to them and tell them the situation. Maybe you may be moved to another course or maybe you may continue. Unfortunately only your Unit's CO will have the answers.