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  1. Highland Lad

    Spring Forward... (Don't forget)

    It's that time of year again, and I will remember to change my clocks tonight. Any of you ever have a problem due to forgetting to change over to Daylight time? (or, of course, back to Standard) My favourite was when I was a kid, and my dad called the local TV station to complain about the...
  2. Highland Lad

    Reserves in Whitehorse? (Election 2015 promise - revives necrothread)

    Hey All - Good news for me (pt 1): I finally got my offer from the Primary Reserve, and will be able to keep my rank and qualifications. This concludes the saga of my adventures with the new, improved Grievance process (for my opinions on how it works, just think negative thoughts...) Good...
  3. Highland Lad

    Seeking Employment - Ottawa Area

    No, not the Class B or anything else within the army (although I wouldn't mind a Class B contract once everything gets back on track!). Everyone tells me that the thing I need to do is "Network, Network, Network!" so here goes: Anyone around here know of any consulting or contract-type...