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    Off to Petawawa , what to expect ??

    Hey everyone , so it's finally it , I just received my Posting Message , and I am going to Petawawa ( 450 SQN ) on the chinooks after my course !!!! More than happy about the news !!! I just had a couple questions regarding the QL5.  I tried to look on the forums here and on google , but I...
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    East Coast / West Coast , personnal experiences.

    Hello everyone , So here comes the time where I got to decide where I want to go ( posting choices ).  Honestly I am debating so hard right now between east coast and west coast , 1 day I come home and I want to go east , the next morning I come home and I want to go west. My spouse and I are...
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    How can my friend appeal a decision ?

    I'm trying to help out a friend here , but I honestly don't have any idea on what to tell him.... Basically he is currently on course with me ( waiting for our 3s ) but his girlfriend is pregnant and she will give birth in January ( supposedly on the 17Th ) Thing is , there is a course that...
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    Facebook group for people in Borden

    Hey everyone , I looked on facebook tried to see if there was like any Group or pages for people that are currently either posted in Borden or on PAT platoon ??? Just thought I could try to hop on there and maybe speak with some people over there trying to know some of them before I get...
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    Leasing a Car

    hello everyone , so since we now have the date of when I need to Borden my girlfriend and I are looking at leasing a new car.  She currently own a Ford Focus 2003 which I am still surprised is still running ( let's say he had is fair share of problems and we spend way more money than we should...
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    Air-Force Trade with Mathematics Credential

    I did a search Using "Air-Force Mathematics" and "Air-Force Credential" did not come up to anything.  If there is already a post with those said information please link it and lock this one. I am looking for the NCM Trades for the Air-Force.  More about the Mathematics Credentials ( math 416 ...
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    what is your passion ?!?!

    So with everyone on here I just wanted to ask a fun and random question.  I was wondering what you guys passion were.  Outside of the military , what do you prefer to do, what would you love doing and maybe even get pay while doing it? I actually am really passionate about reptiles and pets in...
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    Civilian spend a day with the air-force ?

    Okay I really didn't know how to ask that one or even how to look it up on here , if there is a thread open already about that please post the link and kill this one! I was wondering.  I've been seeing a lot of times people say "just go spend the day with X trade people and see what they do on...
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    Back with the PMQ Questions !

    Hello , been quite a while since I was on here.  I am simply waiting for april 10th to re-apply( since I released from reserve to apply for regular Air-Force ... AVN / AWS and ATIS Tech ).  I know I should of applied for a CT which I did and got told to wait 5 to 7 years for it to process...
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    Release and Re-apply or wait it out ???

    Hello everyone, haven't posted anything lately since to be honest I had no time at all .... I'm currently REALLY thinking of simply releasing for the Reserve and Reapply in 6 months for the Reg Forces in the trade I want to join .... In the past 5 months my unit has cancelled 3 of my B-Class...
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    AWS Full , questions betweeen AVS / AVN / ACS / AC Op

    Okay so I am reading on here a lot between all of these trades ( yeah I know I need to figure out what I want to do ). I am also looking at all the videos on Forces.ca  , I am also trying to set an appointment in Valcartier to go in person and speak with the people out there and see exactly...
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    "Training to the test?" (split fm Res Hand to hand)

    I don't know how the Reg force is.  But as I saw during my BMQ + DQ + DP1 , they basically give you an answer written on a paper sheet , tell you the copy that on the test , then if you somehow didn't do it properly , they give you back a new test, give you 20 minutes to redo and act like if...
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    PMQ's Basement

    I was wondering, I have some friend that just recently got a PMQ in Valcartier , I gotta say they look real nice , nice side by side house , 2 storeys + basement.  I know for a fact that this is not the case everywhere ( tho people seem to say they get more and more renovated ). I was...
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    Exacta Center in Toronto Area

    Hey all ! I just wanted to know , if I am not transfered this summer , I was planning a trip to Toronto area ( I use to live in Whitby and I want to go back there and show the area to my girlfriend. ) I was wondering as a reservist I know we have access to some rooms in Exacta center but...
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    What can you fly with a Private Pilot License.

    Okay so my question will differ a bit from "So you want to be a pilot". I am wondering in the civilian world , what exactly can you fly if you have a civilian Private Pilot License.  Of course I would love to become a pilot in the army, but this would not happen in the next 10 years, and it...
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    Augmentation des recrues pour l'année 2015-2016

    Une bonne nouvelle pour tout les futurs militaire ! Source : http://www.45enord.ca/2015/02/forces-armees-canadiennes-plus-de-departs-et-plus-de-recrutes-en-2015-2016/
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    Christopher Phillips, biochemical weapons expert, arrested in Ottawa

    Source : http://www.cbc.ca/news/canada/ottawa/christopher-phillips-biochemical-weapons-expert-arrested-in-ottawa-1.2921228 full article on the link
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    Army and Personal apartments

    I've tried to look up on the site for somekind of answers but haven't found anything , don't know if there is already a post about it , if so , I'm sorry about the 2ND post ! Basically my answer was , what happen once you leave for a training or 1st posting with your personal apartment , I know...
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    Qualification Parade once the course is done?

    Pretty straight forward question. I was wondering if once you completed the course in Borden there was a Parade? When I completed my DP1 for Gunner this summer , there was none.  Basically they told us , we became gunner on the field and that's where our parade would be ( which is where it...
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    CT while completing academics requirements

    Admins feel free to move this if it's not in the good category ! Hi , quick question here. I am currently in the CF applying for a Transfert , No I am not asking about where my files are up too. I was wondering what would happen in the case were I currently am doing my maths since the trade...