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  1. 3rd Horseman

    What is "Peacekeeping?"

    It is not dead just being applied correctly in A Stan which is a UN mission. It is the above perception of Peace Ops that aids the media in distorting what true peacekeeping is all about. Peacekeeping does not mean not shooting at an enemy, it just means we are fighting a war on a world mandate...
  2. 3rd Horseman

    On this Day - The Battle of Passchendaele Started. 2nd CAV Celebrates with ride

    The Battle of Passchendaele started today 99 years ago. The Canadian Army Veterans Motorcycle Unit is celebrating its units name sake with a ride around the lakes and rivers of Gagetown. 2nd CAV Passchendaele unit located at Gagetown is proud of those that have gone before us and shown us the...
  3. 3rd Horseman

    PM diverts his plane to Cyprus to pick up families, Thats Leadership

    PM Harper is changing his flight plans out of Paris and diverting to Cyprus to pick up Candian Refugees. He claims it is just the right thing to do. Nicely done great leadership by the PM. In the past government Airbuses have been refused for such issues because it would disrupt the politicians...
  4. 3rd Horseman

    MERGED: Depleted uranium (effects, hunger strike, etc.)

    Last night I watched CTV news, they had a clip on Gulf War syndrome. For me it brought back issues of depleted uranium poisoning problems during that war but specifically for my concern Bosnia. Has anyone out there suspected they have been poisoned with DU or been exposed to it and what effects...