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  1. darkskye

    Coveralls while at sea

    I am going to be going on the Rescue Swimmer course shortly and I had a question regarding dress policy. I was under the impression rescue swimmers were authorized to wear coveralls while at sea. I went to go to Base Clothing today and the civilian working told me only FDU(P/A) and member's of...
  2. darkskye

    Ceremonial Guard 2013

    Hey, JustĀ  curious, anyone else tasked for the Ceremonial Guard (CG) starting from 29 Jul 13 - 22 Aug 13? If so, where are you coming from and what is your trade? :) darkskye
  3. darkskye

    Paying Compliments (Saluting)

    Hi, So, I have used the search function and I have read the CF Drill Manual, but I am still a little unsure thus I am posting here. During a ceremony (High School Graduation), the National Anthem is played, inside, do you come to attention or replace your head dress and salute? Thank you...
  4. darkskye

    SWAT Classic 9 CST/ST Side Zip-1160

    Hello, Anyone know a store in Victoria, BC that sells the Classic 9 CST/ST Side Zip-1160? Thank you!
  5. darkskye

    Officers with Ring on Pinky Finger

    Hiya, This might be a weird question, but I seem to see a lot of officers with a plain sliver ring on their pinky finger, is there something to it or am I crazy?
  6. darkskye

    Explosive package killed Innisfail mom

    http://www.torontosun.com/2011/11/26/explosive-package-killed-innisfail-mom Thought I would post it here, just caught this on the news.
  7. darkskye

    Maritime Signal Flags (CAD)

    Hi, I am trying to study my maritime signal flags, but I am having a hard time finding the Canadian version. I found the international maritime signal flags, but not the Canadian version. http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/International_maritime_signal_flags Anyone have a link to what I am...
  8. darkskye

    User Name Change

    I have changed my username. If any staff member would like to know my old username, please feel free to send me a PM and I will reply. I believe someone is following me online.
  9. darkskye

    Open Trades?

    Hello, Is there somewhere on the DWAN I can find out about what trades are open or do I need to speak with the BPSO? * My apologies, I should have posted this in the Trades OPEN / Closed ? Thread * Feel free to move it.
  10. darkskye

    Bill Allows Obama Power to Shut Down Internet

    http://www.tomshardware.com/news/obama-shut-down-internet-legislation,7478.html Regards,
  11. darkskye

    Part-Time University Studies (Online)

    Hello, I have accepted the offer for Naval Communicator and will begin Basic Training in November. I have approximately 19 courses remaining to complete before I can earn my degree. Using on-the-job-training I should, hopefully, be able to PLAR some of the technical courses associated with...
  12. darkskye

    Need a Degree (Navy Officer Trade)?

    Hello, In most of the descriptions of each trade on froces.ca it states a degree is required for Officer positions in Army, but looking at some of the Navy Officer trades I don't see much information stating whether you need the degree. I am interested in the following two Navy trades, Naval...
  13. darkskye

    New Job?

    Hello, I am starting a new job on Monday and I have 2 weeks worth of training. This job is definitely not permanent as I have obvioulsy applied to the Canadian Forces. My interview will be in the next 2 weeks and I need advice. The training hours for the new job are the same hours of the...
  14. darkskye

    Bunions / Medical Exam

    Hello, I do not have flat feet, but I do have bunions on both of my feet. They very rarely cause my any pain and the times they do cause pain it is only for a moment. I have my medical next week, so I was wondering whether the Physician will automatically assume the bunions are an issue now...