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  1. CallOfDuty

    Medical remuster....

      Hey there guys, I have a question about getting medically remustered.  When getting medically remustered, are your choices narrowed down based on whether other trades are full or not?  For example, if I can fulfill the tasks of a Traffic tech or firefighter, and really want to be either, but...
  2. CallOfDuty

    MSE Op to Traffic Tech.....?

      Hi guys, I realize traffic tech is a LOG trade but I figured I'd post the question here.  Does anyone know if someone remusters to Tfc tech from trucker, if they would have to do the driver training portion of the 3's?( The less time in Bordeom...oops...Borden the better!)  Could I by-pass...
  3. CallOfDuty

    New Airforce boot?

      Has anyone heard about new boots for the airforce?  I heard they will be out soon, and will be tan in colour.  Does this mean we will get to hand in all our black boots? Cheers!
  4. CallOfDuty

    Canadian sailors and Paris Hilton, lol....

    Fleet week in NY. http://perezhilton.com/2010-05-29-hello-sailors
  5. CallOfDuty

    New CF official youtube channel.

    ...also noticed some new commercials on tv as well.  I like them....they're pretty low key....but effective.  Seem to focus on activities outside of the military much more than before. http://www.youtube.com/CanadianForcesVideos PS---question for anyone in the know.......When are they going to...
  6. CallOfDuty

    Anyone notice pay decrease since new year?

        Hey all.  I've noticed since new year, my bi-monthly pays have decreased about 100 bucks a piece.  I don't have any new deductions such as canex or sisip stuff, etc.   I went into the csor stad, and as soon as I started to talk, the clerk knew exactly what I was going to say, and that...
  7. CallOfDuty

    UFO over Newfoundland??

    http://www.cbc.ca/technology/story/2010/01/26/nl-ufo-012610.html?ref=rss#socialcomments   Check it out! And an explaination???....http://www.spacewar.com/reports/France_test-fires_submarine-launched_missile_999.html   The gov't and RCMP are keeping pretty hush hush about it...
  8. CallOfDuty

    Porter Airlines?

      Hey all.  So I know a couple of people who have flown Porter and they have some positive things to say.  So I was just wondering what anyone else has to say about the new(ish) airline?    I don't want to slag Air Canada too much..( I used to work for them :-X...).....but as well we need...
  9. CallOfDuty


  10. CallOfDuty

    Wrinkley gabardine

      Hey guys.  I just found out that I'll be on parade Nov 11th, and my gabardine is clean, just very wrinkley.  Anyone have any tips on de-wrinkling it besides getting it drycleaned?  I still have time to get it done but I'd rather save the $$ if I could. Cheers!
  11. CallOfDuty

    CallOfDuty------> TangoHotel

  12. CallOfDuty

    Need help with capbadge....

      Hey there all...........quick question.  I've just OT'd to a log trade and am headed up to Borden next weekend.  I was told at supply that there are no logistics capbadges in the system anymore due to manufacturing issues.   Is there anyone here in the Halifax area that has any extra...
  13. CallOfDuty


      Hey there everyone..........just wondering..has anyone here had any experience with a C.O.T.?( compulsory occupational transfer)    Did they basically sit you down and say, " here you go, heres your options, pick one..."  , or did you have any say in the 3 trades you wanted to select?   Also...
  14. CallOfDuty

    Any postal clerks here?

      I'd like to ask a couple of questions if I could. :) C.O.D.
  15. CallOfDuty

    Quality of life on ship.....

      Hey there guys..heres a question for you.  Who do you think has the best quality of life on ship.................the techs or the operators?     I've been talking to some NET's and have been hearing some things about how yes, CSE is the best place to be on ship, but on the other hand, I've...
  16. CallOfDuty

    The BPSO in Halifax....

      Hey there guys.....can anyone here tell me where the BPSO is at Stadacona?  I've been asking around and nobody seems to know. Thanks C.O.D. :cdn:
  17. CallOfDuty

    funeral and uniform question...

      Hey there guys......I've done a search on funerals and wearing your dress uniform already, but I was curious about some opinions.  My grandmother died this weekend, and her funeral is monday morning.  I know that I am "allowed" to wear my No. 1's if I wanted to ( Cox'n of CFNES told us all we...
  18. CallOfDuty

    Soon to be MP's on PAT in borden

      Hey everyone....I'm looking for some buds from BMQ, they are future MP's and should be in borden now..on PAT....can anyone help me get ahold of Mike Magirowickz......aka Magic................thanks guys Steve :cdn:
  19. CallOfDuty

    Navy whites

      Hey there guys......I was wondering, at what point do we receive our white DEU's?  Do we have to pay for those?  At what times are Navy whites worn, instead of black? Cheers guys Steve :cdn:
  20. CallOfDuty

    Hey guys...a couple of Q's..

        Hey there everyone, I'm here at St Jean, just getting ready for week 2 in Farnham and I just have a couple of questions.  I'm going in for Naval electronics technician ( tactical), does anyone know when the next course is going to start?     Also...............footwear.  When I get out of...