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  1. BrianDonohue

    Training Trek

    So, I bit the bullet and finally made the choice that I've wanted to since I was twelve. I joined the Forces! I had originally applied for Pilot but I didn't attain the V1 vision requirement at the time so I switched gears and found out about the NCMSEP program for training NE Tech's! Pretty...
  2. BrianDonohue

    BMQ Locations

    What are the current locations for BMQ? I know St. Jean and Borden but I was also told Gagetown and Wainwright even.
  3. BrianDonohue


    Hey all, just wondering who we've got on the board. Would love to know more about the trade. I'm currently in training in Winnipeg of all places. Gotta complete the college program then I'll be shipped off to Halifax.
  4. BrianDonohue

    The Story so far...

    As long as I can remember there were two things in my life that I wanted to do. One; fly aircraft and Two; become a member of the CF. My first goal has been accomplished through Cadets and in September I began the process of enrollment into the CF. I'll skip all the details in between but as it...