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    Friends of Bill W

    For those attending St Jean and are interested in AA meetings, you will find one in the Chapel put on by members of a local group. I went every Friday night during my 14 weeks. If things have changed, just ask the Padre there, he can hook you up. Scott
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    Awaiting the "offer"

    Call me anxious but.....I'm just curious about this stage of the game. I believe I am in the stage where my file is in a sort of "green light" position, that is, the medical, interviewing, record checks...the whole shooting match is good to go. There are a unknown number of positions open in my...
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    Feb/March BMQ 2010

    Anybody scheduled for Feb/March yet? I'm told I will likely be in that timeframe. Apparently inches from being merit listed here.
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    NCIOP to Sub

    I am interested in starting my Naval Career as an NCIOP and being postet to a Sub (hopefully on the East coast). I don't imagine that would be a direct progression, anybody able to advise on what or how the process could work?
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    My Experience

    I am wondering if this process is pretty much the same for everyone. I visited the recruiting office and spoke with a recruiter about my situation, interests etc. I know which element I was interested in and then discussed entry plans as well as trades. I would be an NCM. I completed the...
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    BMQ St-Jean

    I am quite sure that the first 5-8 weeks at BMQ will not allow for much personal time but after that? Getting off base, visiting someone in Montreal and such should be do-able? How about killing a bit of time while on base, any such thing as wi-fi available (if a guy brought an enabled device)...
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    Weapon Tech or Radar Tech?

    Really having a tough time deciding on which one to choose. I live in Halifax, am pushing 50 and in the process of enrolling. Yeah....I know what you're thinking!!! Anyway, I love weapons of all kinds, am good with my hands and see potential with this trade. My recruiter felt it was better to...