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    Refusing his/her release

    I won't give more details but I wanted to know what could happen if a member voluntarily failed to do the paperwork before the date of his/her release because he/she feels that his/her admin review process has been unfairly conducted ? And what would be the member avenues ? 
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    Reg Force having to gain his annual

    Hello everyone, I'm a reg force officer and wondering if they're circumstances that I could be treated as a reservist for my annual (having to work 15 days to get 1 annual) ? 
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    Reimbursement for driving suspension

    Hello, in  January 2017 I was suspended of driving for cardiac risk and I had to wait 10 months to see a cardiologue to tell me I was fine which I already knew since I had sent my tests to my personal civilian cardiologue way before. I got no financial accommodations during all that period. I...
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    Medical diagnosis difficulties while serving

    Hello, I’ve been diagnosed with ADHD when I was 8, we told the CAF but I wasn’t taking any pills for almost two years. Psychiatric know that test need to be reassess at major age. They asked me does it disappeared ? No  Can he managed it? I have find ways but are they applicable to military...