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    Pension Transfer from NPF

    I'm coming from NPF having been a full-time employee (and pension contributor) for three years. I start BMQ at the end of this month (RegF) and I'm trying to figure out if I can transfer my pension into the CFSA. Background of my research so far: From looking at the Public Service...
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    Inappropriate Trade Choices/Speaking With Recruiters

    I did my application all on my own as I'm almost 2 hours from my recruiter and was not reimbursed for travel to write the CFAT (I saw others being reimbursed but I wasn't called up and wasn't about to ask for money when I'm trying to be hired). When I submitted my paperwork I was told that my #2...
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    Delay in CFAT Results

    I wrote my CFAT this week. Prior to writing (at the appointment) we were told that the system was down so we wouldn't find out our results same-day and could be waiting up to 3 weeks for notice. Has anyone experienced this? I'm hoping it doesn't take the full 3 weeks as stated but from what I...