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    3B released

    Maybe someone can enlighten me a bit on how things work . I was 3B released as of yesterday . I started a course in may which runs until November  at a school that is two hours from my place of residence . I stay at a boarding house from Monday to Thursday night in the area but have to come home...
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    Gerd and Barrett's esophagus

    Just wondering if anyone has had a claim approved for gerd which has caused Barrett's esophagus disease . the gerd was caused by years of arthritic medication prescribed to me by the doctor for another approved claim . I was told by my specialist that the years of acid reflux caused by the...
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    re-assessment question

    I received my decision letter back in early april for a shoulder injury . It was favorable. They said I have been granted a disability entitlement but they did not have enough information to properly determine the extent of my disability. I was re assessed by a Vac Doctor 2 weeks ago and just...
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    Disability and Vac

    In august 2014 I submitted a claim for right rotor cuff tear which was done while at work so cf98 was filled out . To make a long story short Vac just mailed my decision letter they have granted me a disability award and take full responsibility for the injury as being service related . But they...