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    Legion stealing acronyms now? Are they OSISS?

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    Anybody think new budget will have anything at all about veterans?

    Well here we go, we are about to find out where veterans sit on the priorities that this sitting gov't was voted in on.  I am not optimistic since their only priority seems to be refugees. What say you?
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    Canadian Forces Morale and Welfare Service (CFMWS)

    Hi Folks, Just thought I would share with you a recent outreach put on by this group that I attended.  The increase of benefits much like what is received by the US Military is beginning to become more so for us as serving soldiers, veterans reg/res much to the efforts of the subject line...
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    Compassionate Award

    According to section 34(1) of the Veterans Review and Appeal Board Act,  “A person who has been refused an award under the Pension Act, or a disability award, a death benefit, a clothing allowance or a detention benefit under Part 3 of the Canadian Forces Members and Veterans Re-establishment...
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    Hope this helps in the future

    Parkhouse to Add Years of Military Experience and OSISS Expertise to the Board OTTAWA, June 11, 2013 /CNW/ - The Honourable Steven Blaney, Minister of Veterans Affairs and Minister for La Francophonie, today announced a new and highly qualified appointment to the Veterans Review and Appeal...
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    VIP Reassessments

    Do up your chin straps troops, this might be another battle. Remember this was advertised as "cutting the red tap."  They apparently even built a software tool for these specific anniversary's.  Veterans with anniversary dates in Jan 2013 already effected and rumour has it, it isn't going well...
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    Starting your own business? Check out Grants for Vets!

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    Veterans Transition Netwrok

    Anyone have int on this?  Just read about it in Legion Mag,  they are really pushing it (I guess since they are funding it).  Seems like they (RCL) are trying to get into the MH game a little late, since DND has OTSSC and VAC has OSI Clinics,  they don't stand much of a chance getting anymore...
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    The Glass Protection in front of VAC offices

    Does anyone know the reason/history of this?  There is no other federal department in Canada that has this.  This appears as a barrier to protect the employee from veterans.  I hope that is not the answer, since you can get the same service at Service Canada and not have that glass barrier as...
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    Public Service cuts are going to effect the 3a/b released

    Yup, my wife took the PH approach after 3b release and succeeded in employment with DND resulting in -25k income and 2 yrs later received an affected letter.  There 88 affected in Petawawa alone,  I wonder ow many more are released vets with injuries.  Nice!
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    Spec 1 Pay for LCIS Tech

    So I retired a while ago.  What ever happened to this issue?  This should be a good thread!
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    DND Work Force Management Board (WFMB)

    The implementation of the DND Work Force Management Board (WFMB) has generated concern for injured and ill CF personnel that had planned to invoke their priority hiring entitlement upon medical release in anticipation of a public service career. JPSU Transition Services has been advised by...
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    Prior Years of Service of Former Canadian Forces Members

    For those now in the Public Service,  your military service time will be used for the purpose of leave credit calculations.  Don't think they did this to make anyone happy,  they lost a grievance in 2010 to the RCMP and a few vets decided to take them also.  This is regardless of whether or not...