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    What should I bring with me to pet

    Didn't know where else to ask this... But anyway, Just graduated from battle school (felt like just yesterday I was wondering what to bring with me to BMQ) and I'm leaving for pet (1RCR) tomorrow. I'm currently going through all the military kit I've collected over the last year and I need to...
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    Infantry selection date (actual question, not impatient)

    Does anyone know/has anyone been given an idea of when the next infantry selection date is? I am asking because I have a court date in September (speeding ticket) and I don't want to be put off even longer because of it. I am on the merit list and if the selection date is before September I will...
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    Can I apply for an NCM position whilst waiting for a response for ROTP

    I have the required courses to attend university, but going to any school other than RMC just does not interest me.  I have already completed my CFAT (eligible for all trades), medical and interview (pass on both) and I was wondering if I could apply for an NCM position now.  I know joining the...
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    Benefits and disadvantages of applying to RMC as a Junior (16 years old)

    I am 16 and I plan on applying as soon as I turn 17, which will be the first week of grade 12.  I just recently read somewhere I can apply now at 16 years old as a junior applicant.  It also said something about joining the reserves.  Would someone explain what this junior applicant is/means and...
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    School behaviour record & acceptance into RMC

    I've never been a bad student, I keep my marks high and the teachers all generally like me but there is this new VP at my school who, ever since she got here, has had a problem with me. Long story short, I was suspended recently for 2 days, for something that I already served detentions for...