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    MS Office 365/MS Teams

    Forgive me if this is the wrong place for this, but I cannot be the only person having issues with these programs? I am heading the charity effort at work and need a file on a particular stream (?) of our new defence 365 network. I yet have some hope that it may just be emailed to me, but right...
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    Cleaning out the old VHS lockers; who to consult on distribution?

    So I have had an interest in converting VHS to digital formats for quite some time. Way back when some of my favourite movies were only to be found on old VHS tapes; it seemed like the only way to save them. Recently; I was handed a box of old VHS tapes from the back of the cage and told I...
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    Aldershot Kit List and Staff Living

    For my sins, it seems that I am spending the summer in Aldershot. And no; since I don't drink, Halifax is not as exciting for me as it might be to others. I have, oh; about 12 summers in Meaford under my belt as a candidate or staff member; so this informs my outlook considerably. For instance...
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    Dear Canada; an article we should all read and consider.

    http://www.everyjoe.com/2017/03/13/politics/kill-enemies-win/#1 Before you slam it as nonsense; take a look at the man's credentials and his other work. Personally; I feel like the writing is on the wall, but I'd love to hear what other people think.
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    Help! My Class-B is being eliminated in favour of civilians!

    So I found out yesterday that instead of a longer contract, my job is being civilianized. I should get an 89 extension to get me through the holidays, but after that nothing is certain; probably not getting the 6 month contract that was on their radar until yesterday. Issue is this: They...
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    What if this happened in the CF? Historical or Modern

    I'm a huge Tom Kratman fan and I eagerly read his articles and books. Recently read this one; http://www.everyjoe.com/2016/06/27/politics/great-enlisted-men-ferocity/#1 Awesome series of articles, btw. Here is the relevant snippet; “Platoon Sergeant, what has Richt been up to? I haven’t seen...
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    Power Play. First and Second-hand accounts of extras and advisors

    So i managed to secure a copy of this very cool movie recently and I loved it! What a cool movie! For those who don't know; Power Play was a feature film based (loosely) on Edward Lutwak's book; Coup de Tat (also a very cool book). The film is about (duh!) a coup de tat and get this; it stars...
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    Camming up the Thermarest

    Hi. I just got one of these great Thermarest foam sleeping mats; it's a real upgrade from the simple foam roll i have now. problem is; it's yellow and silver. guys in my unit have just sprayed theirs green an been done with it, but my very outdoorsy brother in law suggested spray paint will eat...
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    Moldy kit

    I am looking for a way to clean moldy web gear and load bearing equipment. The material is mostly nylon with some canvas. There is a car wash down the street I can rent time on a power washer from, but I'd like a solution (no pun intended) that involves soaking some of it at a time in a bucket...
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    Tracking down a treaty

    I read about this Treaty years ago. I was sure it was referenced in Granatstien's "Who Killed The Canadian Military", but naturally, I can't find it. No idea what it was called, but it came in, I think after the Avro Arrow and the basic theme was that it mandated that Canada would always spend...
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    Improvised Antenna wires

    I am teaching a class on improvised antennas and the MLP cites the use of coax cable and insulated copper wire, but doesn't specify what kind. Couldn't find it in the pam either. What sort do I need to make some demo antennas?
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    What do I need?

    What info do I need to get my grand father's service record and stuff? I may not be able to find his service number, would name, corps (artillery) and birthday be enough?
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    The Soldier's Load and the Immobility of a Nation

    http://www.everyjoe.com/2014/07/07/politics/body-armor-doesnt-always-make-sense-for-our-soldiers/ Interesting points, I agree with most of them, but I can't see this kind of thinking ever getting anywhere in the CF. What do you guys think?
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    CANFORGEN -076/14 No personal accessories.

    Just got this sent to me. Can't find it online, but basically personal or foriegn hand grips, slings, scopes and other accessories are now forbidden. Also we can't paint our weapons unless they're sniper rifles. Okay, fine, sure, it's the law, we'll enforce it. I'm not sure any of this, besides...
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    Internal Change Impossible?

    Do you feel that real, significant, positive change from within an organization is impossible? I increasingly find from my observations that the only way to change an organization is by external forces. Pournelle's Iron Law of Bureaucracy states that in any bureaucratic organization there will...
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    Continuity of MG capabilities; Vickers-C1/5-C6

    I am curious about the continuity of Sustained-fire and indirect MG capability in the CF over time. Clearly we had it in the Vickers and we have it in the C6, but did the C1 and C5 have a similar capability? If not how did we retain it in the C6? So few nations utilize this capability in their...
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    Pictures and info on CF tunnel systems

    Hi there. I am hoping someone can direct me to any pictures, personal recollections and general info on Military tunnel systems in Canada. It seems this was quite a fad back in the day. I know some of this stuff is probably still classified, but hey maybe I get lucky.
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    CFPAS Download

    Hi, I used to have CFPAS, but my latest computer crash seems to have done for it. I can't remember how I got it before, but now it seems I need a password to download it? Anyone know of a better, faster route? or could just send me the 19meg-ish file? Thanks very much and I'll be sure to pay...
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    St Jean Graduation Night off *Time Sensitive

    I have a buddy graduating on the 19th of july from basic in st. Jean quebec and his fiance wants to come see him. It's much cheaper to book a hotel room a month in advance, but she isn't sure when he will have time to see her. Apparently they normally get a night/day off the week before the...
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    Meaford Net Access

    Basically will be non-existant this summer according to accommodations and IT. Here are the alternatives I have come up with so far for those posted to LFCA TC Meaford this summer. Please post your own practical solutions In Owen Sound; -The Bleeding Carrot, 945 - 2nd Avenue East. They have...