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    ROTP RMC Academic Year 2022-23

    You should be getting an answer soon. Like, should be within 1 week. I have heard that some people received a phone call, however, I was just sent an email.
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    Offer questions

    I actually applied later than most people. I applied to RMC as well as other universities beginning of December. A couple of days later I received an email asking to schedule my aptitude test. I did my aptitude test on Jan 18. I did my medical on Feb 4. After my medical, I had to go to my eye...
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    Offer questions

    Hello, I have just received my offer for EME officer earlier today but I have some questions about it. Hopefully, I'm posting it in the right place. "You will be entitled to a salary of $2,301 in accordance with the provisions...". How much will I be making after the deductions are made...
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    Psychiatric Information Required for Recruitment

    I have my med exam mid-next week and I just have a few questions about it. I been reading for hours on reddit and here since I'm really nervous and wanted to join RMC since grade 7. In grade 10 (currently in grade 12) I had some trouble with mental health (nothing too major) but I had to take...