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    ADHD, ADD, and why we can't get in rants......

    I received a letter in the mail today saying i don't meet medical standards due to being diagnosed with ADHD. Is there anything else I can do.. Or is that the final decision in essence?
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    Any one know of a credit counceling service

    Sorry I didn't no about the abbreviation rule. And yes i checked yellow pages, there seems to only be one service from there, and its a one month wait.
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    Any one know of a credit counceling service

    Hey I'm waiting for my crim and cred check to come back in, and i know I'm going to need to speak with credit counseling as thats what i was told in rec office. Any one no of any counseling services in North bay?
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    Contract start?

    I checked Search and couldn't find the answer. When does your term start with the army. Like cook is 4 years, does it begin after my BMQ or before?
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    Guys, I really need some advice about joining. Badly.

    Our stories ran down similar paths. I went to college and it just wasn't for me. My gf and parents told me not to join... i told them to support my decisions.. and they did now I'm waiting for basic.. Army isnt a career choice I think it's more of a life choice and if its what you want go for...
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    Work out program?

    Ok, i applied last month and things are going smoothly so far.  I wasn't in the best shape when i applied but was told not to worry because of PT. I'm now on my own workout program and I'm still not able to running distances. Any suggestions or tactics used by other. Workout programs etcetera...
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    Application Process Samples [2003 - 2018]

    Recruiting Centre: NorthBay Regular/Reserve: Regular Officer/NCM: NCM Trade Choice 1: Cook Trade Choice 2: Infantry Trade Choice 3: First Contact: July 23rd 2008 Application Date: July 25th 2008 CFAT: July 27th 2008 Medical: July 31st 2008 Interview: July 31st 2008 Position Offered: Waiting...