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    Prochain cours de PP1 infanterie a Valcartier?

    Bonjours, je gradue de St-jean dans une semaine et demi, je suis curieux est-ce que qqun serait l' horraire des cours de PP1 a venir. Je sais quil y en a un qui debute le 16 novembre, malheureusement je vais le manquer de peu. Donc si qqun serait sa le prochain dapres sa serait bien apprecier...
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    PP1 Infantrie

    Bonjour, pour ceux qui sont a Valcariter presentement, en moyenne ya combien de temps dattente pour suivre le PP1?
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    The new and improved you after BMQ?

    Hello, I`m starting BMQ in St-Jean in a little over 2 weeks now. I understand that the whole process will be a very challenging 14 weeks, as it is suppose to be. Now through the trials and tribulations, for those who have been through BMQ. Did BMQ change you in a positive way? Was it a source of...
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    Withdrawn criminal charges

    There is no justification for being an internet thug. You are allowed to have a moral stance. My mistakes have been corrected and now being in the military im accountable to my brothers in arms and superiors. I gave my opinion because I had alrendy been in a similar situation, if you disagree...
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    Info on the Van Doos (r22r)

    Merci mais jy vais souvent, ce site est super interessant!!
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    Info on the Van Doos (r22r)

    Hello, I am beginning basic training at St-Jean August 16th as an infantry soldier. Now when I signed my contract they gave us a couple documents, and on one of them I had my personal information and the regiment they assigned me to. Mine said R22R. Now ive been reading a lot around the forum...
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    Withdrawn criminal charges

    Hey, same thing happened to me a couple a months ago, armed assault, but before the charges could be sent to the crown, the charges were taken back. Got lucky as f***. So anyway, what I learned concerning the DND policies on criminal charges etc, is that if you have any judicial obligations then...
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    Monthly Pay after deductions - Questions [Merged]

    I did read the whole thing. Also, from the deductions post, the before last deduction is Rations $493.82, what is that exactly? Is that what is deducted for food and rent while at BMQ at St-Jean, because in that case once we graduate from St-Jean it would give us an extra 500$ in our pockets...
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    Whats the most amount of push-ups you`ve seen a recruit do at BMQ?

    Whats the most amount of push-ups you`ve seen a recruit do at BMQ? (military push-ups of course)
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    Monthly Pay after deductions - Questions [Merged]

    Do you get a raise after BMQ???? ;D
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    Pour ceux qui commence a St-Jean le 16 aout!!!

    a commencer a tentrainer?? moi je suis un peu en retard, je commence toute sa dans une semaine.... :P
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    Level of physical preparation when entering St-Jean ( cardio and push ups)

    Hey everyone, i guess this question is for the people who have already completed BMQ or those who are about to start it like me. Im preparing physically right now, for obvious reasons, I was just curious though. For those who have been there before, how many push ups ( the military ones of...
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    How long a wait for DP1?

    Hey hows it going, I start at St-Jean in August ill then be going into the infantry. I was simply wondering I know theres an apparent  surplus in the infantry right now so that being said. How much time, on average do you guys think Ill have to wait until getting my DP1 course? From what I...
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    Pour ceux qui commence a St-Jean le 16 aout!!!

    Jai rien dit!!! Mon erreur, mon ordi a du bugger!! Je lest eu dsl!!
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    Pour ceux qui commence a St-Jean le 16 aout!!!

    jai pas de message lol
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    Pour ceux qui commence a St-Jean le 16 aout!!!

    Salut Riel!! content davoir de tes nouvelles! A tu recu plus d`information du centre de recrutement? Moi jai simplement recu un telephone indiquant que javais un offre et que je commencerais le 16 aout. Par contre jai rien signé encore ou meme faite lassermentation, toi ta tu eu des nouvelles?
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    Pour ceux qui commence a St-Jean le 16 aout!!!

    Salut chui de Quebec pi jva etre un fantassin, c quoi votre metier???
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    August 2010 BMQ

    Is anyone here going out August 16th? What language is the course going to be in?
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    Qmb 30 aout 2010 !

    Salut tout le monde. Jai eu un offre demploi, je commencerais a st-Jean le 16 aout. On ma dit que c`etait un peloton francophone, par contre jai parler ya qqun recemment  qui avait aussi eu un offre demploi pour le 16 aout qui me disait que c`etait en anglais. Est-ce que qqun pourait confirmer...
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    How intense is DP1?

    Hey, I understand infantry DP1 must be pretty intense, for those who completed their course already, what stood out according to you? Is it the physical aspect, weapons training etc? Thanks in advance!