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    Looking for -Graham Trude-, Trooper, Lord Strathcona's Horse

    An old buddy of mine from basic got posted in Edmonton after armoured school in Gagetown. His name is Graham Trude and he's with the Lord Strathcona's Horse. I'm wondering if someone could put me in touch with him as I'm heading out that way soon.
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    Italian Carcano

    I'm wondering if anyone on here knows how to obtain 6.5x52 Carcano ammunition here in Canada? I've searched everywhere... there are gunsmiths who tell me they've never heard of it. Either they don't , or it's too much trouble to get it. It's not the most popular round, but I've two Carcano...
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    RCMP Recruiting, BGI

    I know you guys can't make generalizations or assumptions about anything in the recruiting process, since each case/recruit/recruiter is different, however, an opinion is what I seek. I'm in the final stage of the recruitment process, and the member who reviewed my BGI says I may lack some core...
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    PROJECT COLISÉE - Busting Traditional Italian Organized Crime

    PROJECT COLISÉE A Major Police Operation Targeting Traditional Italian Organized Crime (Montréal, November 22, 2006) - Today we announce a major police operation targeting traditional Italian organized crime. This investigation known as Project "COLISÉE" was launched in 2004. A total of 90...
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    Controversial hoax article - "IMMIGRANTS, NOT Canadians MUST ADAPT"

    Hey, I got this in my email, thought it'd be great to share, I'd like some opinions on this, as it seems to be a fairly powerful email.
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    Question regarding 8mm Mauser ammo (NEED ONLINE ORDER SITES)

    Hi, I'm looking for some online sites that I could order 8mm mauser ammo , preferably in bulk for a decent price. Anyone here purchase ammo online?
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    A question (Aimed at recruiters, but anyone can reply)

    Here's the situation, regretfully... I left for basic in Oct, Came back early November. Had a death in the family, a family member diagnosed as terminal, an injury that took me off course (The list keeps piling but those are the important ones). Anywho, I plan to return to regforce but I want...
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    A sad return.

    Just to let some of you know about the situation. Apparently I don't have bursitis in my shoulder, but a rotator cuff tear. The doctor at the MIR in Borden diagnosed this and took me off course. While waiting for my trip to Quebec, a family member turned terminal with cancer. I felt it best...
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    The average day of being a Bird Gunner

    I'm interested in hearing from bird gunners on this website... what would be the 'average' day. I know that there probably isn't an average day, but I did a search and found nothing. It'd be appreciated if (as Michael O'Leary mentioned in the infantry thread) if no one would dance around the...
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    Top 10 Video Games of ALL Time!

    For those who like to game, just wondering your top 10 favorites of all time. Console, PC, MAC, whatever. 1 being the most favorite. 1. Starcraft  (PC) 2. Chrono Trigger (SNES) 3. FinalFantasy X(PC) 4. Commando's (ALL of em) 5. Zelda 2 (NES) 6. SuperMario 3(NES) 7. Baldur's Gate I (PC) 8...
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    Provincial Friendliness (POLL)

    Just curious as to who you think are the most friendly bunch of people. Sorry I couldn't include all provinces. EDIT: Recceguy I'm doin this because a couple of people seem to disagree with me when I say that Newfoundlanders are some of the friendliest people around. I'm not wondering...
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    AD Arty...... Chance(s) of going on Tour(s) ??

    Given the CF's current situation overseas, just wondering are the odds of going on tour very good? I'm looking to go.
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    BMQ OCT3rd to DEC16th <-----Who's Attending?

    Proud to say.... ME!!!  :salute: Anyone else?
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    Transfer, Question, help appreciated

    Hi, I unofficially found out that I got picked for AD arty , my 2nd choice. However, I really want Armoured. Not that I dislike AD arty, but I REALLY REALLY want armoured. Should I reject the official offer or should I accept it and put in a transfer during BMQ? If so, how long would it take...
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    Questions to all currently serving Arty AD soldiers

    I've just been selected for arty AD, and I'm wondering if you could tell me some of the things I can expect to be doing as an arty AD soldier. I know about the weapons systems and all of that, but to the best of my knowledge, we aren't at conflict with any nations that pose aerial threats, so...
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    RE: Question about Service Number.

    Hey guys, I was just going over some documentation that I've taken home from the CFRC and I'm wondering if the service number you have when you've written the CFAT as well as had to sign the "Medical Hold Statement of Understanding" was a temporary SN or if it will be your SN throughout your...
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    567 RANDOM Aircadet Squadron members, past and present***

    Just wondering if there's anyone who were or is currently a member of 567 Random Air Cadet Squadron.
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    You can delete this mods, but I couldn't contain myself :D Passed the aptitude, qualified for Armoured(1st choice) as well as arty air defence and sig op. Passed medical, passed physical, passed interview! I await the call!!! I am so happy, finally I'm going to be doing something that I want...
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    I apologize for the confusion.

    Mods, delete this if you wish. To those who think I'm some kind of anti-gay person, I'm not. I don't hate gays at all. I just tend to get real fired up when I hear about ministers performing gay marriage ceremonies and the such, and tend to babble a little too much. I, as well as everyone else...
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    Custom Kit?

    wondering if soldiers are allowed to purchase a custom sidearm if they weren't issued one?