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    MP Of The Year

    Your kidding right?
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    All Sappers Cenotaph

    I'll be there!
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    ILDS Cancelled

    Quite frankly.....ILDS, while a good idea, was in fact a POS.
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    What's the dumbest thing you heard said today?

    It wasn't today..........it was yesterday....and it was while watching that video on Basic Training. I think it's called Basic Up or something like that. The PO....well, basically everything he said during his power trip. The best though was "Close your eyes.........I mean your mouths!"
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    Afghanistan, is it worth it- Cheating Spouse Thread

    Hmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmm, thanks for spicing this thread up. I've been on both sides of the coin, good times and bad.
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    tinfoil alert: Russian professor predicts future breakup of US

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    WO. Roberge 2 IRC, Sgt. Kruse 2 CER - Four Wounded: 28 Dec 08

    Any info on where and when funeral services will be for Sgt Kruse? And I don't need any of the old....well the bodies are getting shipped home now, will be sent to TO bs either. Just the facts please.
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    While it sounds infallible, it's not. I remember in Pet years ago, R&D sent a bunch of Combats to the dump for disposal. Well, the owner of the dump then starting selling combats for $2 a pair.....we would buy them, and then take them up to QM to exchange them. A sweet deal for sure.
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    Saluting during Remembrance day ceremonies

    That's part of the problem in today's military. Too many people just go to the supervisor!!! Never pass a fault! If you see something wrong, point it out immediately! Don't go behind the soldier's back (not in that sense) because then it becomes a case of he said, she said, don't make it happen...
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    Annual Naming of Silver Cross Mother (merged)

    A stronger woman will be tough to find! Chimo Mrs Stachnik!
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    2CER reunion

    Hey Blazer, Totally up for it! Chimo!
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    3 RCR BG finishes major op with major success

    Pro Patria!!!!!!!! Chimo!!!!!!!!
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    Pete Doman

    Thanks for the post Lazy. Great article! Like Pete, it was down to earth!
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    What's the dumbest thing you heard said today?

    Staff Member A to Staff Member B - "I Love it Here" Enough said!
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    The Battle of Arghandab - June 2008

    That would be a withdrawal.......similar to Op Medusa I believe.
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    "Worst Movie Of All Time"

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    Combat Engineer or Infantry

    DP1's now recieve this as part of Computer Based Learning.
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    Combat Engineer or Infantry