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  1. ChopperHead

    Videos and clips featuring the Army

    I found this on the web. It's of a reserve unit I think other then that i dont know anything else about it. http://www.youtube.com/w/Canadian-Military-Memories?v=DHpqZJZsDgQ&search=military this video is supposed to be Canadian soldiers but i dont think it is. maybe Britsh? still funny...
  2. ChopperHead

    Motorcycle Clubs.

    Not sure if this is the right place for this so if not then please move. so anyway I was wondering if there are any CF motorcyle clubs out there? Whether It's whithin a specific unit or MOC or just through out the whole CF. Kyle.
  3. ChopperHead


    Ive seen this poem around alot and I like it but I have never been able to find who wrote it so my question is does anyone know? I dont want to post it on here cause it probably has like a copyright on it but it's called THE FINAL INSPECTION just google it and you'll find it. Thanks Kyle.
  4. ChopperHead

    Common Image of the Army.

    My sister is 14 right now and she was thinking about what she would like to do and she really didnt have a clue. I sujusted joining the army and she laughed at me and said "ya right" I can't do that. She said this because when people mention the army what comes to mind? The infantry or the...
  5. ChopperHead

    Military service records

    Im not sure where to post this so if it's the wrong area then I apologize. Anyway I was wondering if anyone knows how I go about finding my Grandfathers service records he served in WW2 and Im kinda at a loss for where I could find this. Any help would be apreciated thanx Kyle
  6. ChopperHead

    Dutch Apaches

    I heard somewhere Don't rember where but That Canada was considering purchasing 5 used Apaches from the Dutch. General Hilier said that the main focus is accuire heavy lift helicopters, but if the price is right there is no way you could turn them down. Just wondering what has happened with this...
  7. ChopperHead


    Does the Canadian Army still Use the M113? If so in what capacity? Kyle.
  8. ChopperHead


    Ive been reading a bunch of threads in here and they all say that it takes around 9 months from the time you walk into the recruiting office till your off to basic I was just wondering why it takes so long Because isnt the army currently in a bit of a man power shortage so shouldnt they be just...
  9. ChopperHead

    Winter BMQ

    Just wondering if there are basic training courses that run during the winter Im sure there is but you never know and are they the same as the summer courses? If this has already been talked about then just post a link for me. ok Thanx Kyle.
  10. ChopperHead

    Need help! exercises

    HI everyone just wondering if someone could help me out here. Ive read a bunch of the threads on health and exercise and stuff but I don't know what most of them are or how you do them, like how do u work your Chest,Tris,  Back,Bis , Legs,Shoulders  ??? Im trying to get in shape and ive got a...
  11. ChopperHead

    do u really need highschool?

    Hi just wondering does it really matter if u have ur full highschool diploma or just the 15 credits. what i mean is do u have just a good of shot only having 15 cradits as someone with highschool. do many people with just the 15 credits make it in. Ive got 14 credits right now in grade 12 i want...