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  1. girlfiredup

    Help! My groin.

    Greetings everyone..  I haven't posted in here in awhile but I need some help. I think I pulled my groin muscle and it hurts!!!!!  I've never had a groin pull before and have no idea what to do?  If anyone out there has had this sort of injury can you offer me some advice please.  I've read...
  2. girlfiredup

    So you wanna be a cop?Women Join Iraqi Police Force-Article

    Edit:   sorry.. should probably go under "off topic".   feel free to move it. I wonder if the $140 a month includes danger pay?    :o Wielding Guns and Handcuffs, Women Join Iraq Police Sun Jul 11, 9:11 AM ET   By Matthew Green BAGHDAD (Reuters) - Whipping out her handgun and slamming a...
  3. girlfiredup

    Cpl Lee Berger from PPCLI Winnipeg

    Is there anyone out there that knew him?   I just learned last night, after years of wondering how he was doing, that he died in an accident while fighting fires in BC.   The accident occured in August of 1994, he was 24 at the time.   Major bummer.   :(   The last time I saw him was around 1992...
  4. girlfiredup

    From a soldier‘s perspective

    A friend sent me this. His buddy is serving over in Iraq. I thought I‘d share it with you as some of you may find it interesting. I always love reading stuff like this. Long Days in Iraq Well my everyday activities change. When I‘m out on the road it can get pretty scarry. We usually leave...
  5. girlfiredup

    U.S. fears terrorist attack this summer

    U.S. fears terrorist attack this summer Associated Press WASHINGTON â ” U.S. officials have obtained new intelligence deemed highly credible indicating al Qaeda or other terrorists are in the United States and preparing to launch a major attack this summer, The Associated Press has learned...
  6. girlfiredup

    All Things Cuba (Castro, politics, etc.)

    Castro Rails Against New U.S. Measures Sat May 1,10:00 PM ET By JOHN RICE, Associated Press Writer HAVANA - President Fidel Castro (news - web sites) said Saturday that the country would defend itself "to the last drop of blood," declaring Cuba unafraid of a U.S. measures to change the...
  7. girlfiredup

    US Army Probes POW Abuse - Video

  8. girlfiredup

    Video shot by insurgents in Iraq

    APTN has obtained video footage shot by insurgents, showing operations carried out against coalition forces in Iraq. One sequence shows someone dressed in black running towards a bridge; seconds later the figure is lost in a cloud of dust caused by an explosion. Who is this person in black...
  9. girlfiredup

    Canine Ball Eater

    Some of you are probably grimacing in pain right now but it‘s not what you think. ;) British vets find 28 golf balls in dog‘s stomach MANCHESTER (AFP) - It was the mysterious rattling sound from the 18-month-old German Shepherd‘s stomach which first alerted the British vet to what might...
  10. girlfiredup

    Bodies of Three Halliburton Workers ID‘d

    Bodies of Three Halliburton Workers ID‘d By KRISTEN HAYS, AP Business Writer Tue, Apr 20, 2004 HOUSTON - Three of four bodies found near an attack on a fuel convoy in Iraq earlier this month were contract workers for Halliburton Co., the company said Tuesday. Stephen Hulett, 48, of...
  11. girlfiredup

    Night Footage Shows Fallujah Battle - Video

    Fallujah Battle Video or try: http://news.yahoo.com//p/v?u=/ap_av/20040413/av_ap_wl/cbb5b4df3c22bf1efb2e760b4f6e2d70&cid=452&f=53746348
  12. girlfiredup

    Russia's largest contractor is pulling out of Iraq-Article

    Foreigners urged to leave Iraq after abductions   Source: CBC News Online Last Updated Tue, 13 Apr 2004 12:09:55 MOSCOW - Several foreign governments are urging their citizens to get out of Iraq as a wave of abductions continues to spread across the country. Russia's largest contractor...
  13. girlfiredup

    ‘Deliberate tampering‘ shuts down showers, laundry at Kabul Canadian base

    ‘Deliberate tampering‘ shuts down showers, laundry at Kabul Canadian base 02:48 PM EDT Apr 07 STEPHEN THORNE © The Canadian Press, 2004 KABUL (CP) - Canadian soldiers based in the southwest corner of Afghanistan‘s capital city have been without showers for three days because somebody...
  14. girlfiredup

    Anti-terrorism squads raid Ottawa homes

    Web Posted | Mar 30 2004 09:14 AM EST News Writer c/o Mike Woloschuk Online News Journalist CBC Montreal Anti-terrorism squads raid Ottawa homes OTTAWA - Armed RCMP anti-terrorism squads raided and searched two locations in Ottawa Monday, arresting one man in an apparent national security...
  15. girlfiredup

    G.I. May Blame Iraq Trauma For Killing

    Do you think post war trauma was the cause of these guys stabbing their comrad 30 times and then trying light him on fire?  These guys were from the 3rd Infantry Division which spearheaded the drive on Baghdad.  I can't imagine what that experience would have been like but is that an excuse...
  16. girlfiredup

    A Trip Through Iraq

    There‘s a series of videos that some US G.I. took during his time in Iraq. I highly recommend checking them out. I believe the series is in 11 parts. This is part 4 of 11: http://www.trackpads.com/video/mediatemp/oif_gonzalez_p4_low.wvx The rest can be viewed here...
  17. girlfiredup

    Javelin Live Fire

    This sure beats a day at the office. http://www.trackpads.com/video/mediatemp/javelin_live_fire_t72.wvx
  18. girlfiredup

    chin ups with added weight

    I did a search on here and didn‘t find what I was looking for. Was wondering if anyone on here does chin ups with added weight? I‘m currently doing 8 chin ups, full arm extension pulling up to my adams apple and I want to start adding some weight. What would be a good weight to start off...
  19. girlfiredup

    The Walrus with Crazy Horse in Iraq

    I picked up the new canadian magazine today called the Walrus because of an article on Crazy Horse. For those that don‘t know who Crazy Horse is, they are part of the 3rd Squandron of the 7th United States Cavalry Regiment - the 3/7 for short. Also nicknamed "Circus Freaks", the Crazy led the...
  20. girlfiredup

    Supply Tech - merged

    I completed my CFAT this morning and found out I do not qualify as a SigOp (my math score was not high enough). Major bummer. :( But my 2nd choice is available - SuppTech. It would really help me out if I could hear from some of you SuppTech‘s out there and what your trade is like...