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  1. rotrhed

    New RCAF Command Badge?

    Caught a snippet of conversation today just as I was leaving work about an email going around spreading word about a new RCAF command badge. I didn't have time to read or process the entire thing but the email seemed to suggest this badge would be worn on the tunic and SS shirt. Don't know if it...
  2. rotrhed

    New RCN Command Badge?

    Hey sailors, the official info machine says you guys have a new command badge as of last summer. And it would suggest, like everything else, what's old is new. Can't seem to find an example online (one would think the RCN site would feature it but perhaps my googke-fu is weak). Does anyone have...
  3. rotrhed

    Marathon Medium Diver with 8 Straps

    Canadian-made Marathon Medium Diver (Quartz) from March 2014: 36mm diameter, 13mm thick, 18mm strap (specs available online from marathonwatch.com). Comes with everything pictured. Unaltered and gently worn over the past couple of years now being offered as I've moved on to a TSAR. Straps...
  4. rotrhed

    WTS: Norgon Ambi Mag Release

    For sale:  Norgon ambi release...one of the bits you'll need if you're turning your SA20 into a C7A2 look-alike. Bought, installed, removed, offered for sale. $165 shipped to the majors; a bit more if you're well off the beaten path. EMT preferred. Thanks for your interest.
  5. rotrhed

    WTS: RCAF Waltham 6B/150 WWII Wristwatch

    This is an increasingly rare Royal Canadian Air Force Waltham WWII-era 6B/150 wristwatch with period-correct replacement canvas olive strap. Case appears to be stainless steel with original (large) stem.  These watches were service redialled in the early-1960s to be marked with RCAF on the face...
  6. rotrhed

    2VP Winnipeg Iltis Photos/Info Wanted

    I'm the owner of Iltis 86419, a vehicle that spent the bulk of its life in Winnipeg with 2PPCLI. Looking for any photos or recollections anyone might have of the Iltis in service specifically with 2VP. While generally an Iltis is an Iltis, I'm trying to pinpoint battalion-specific details such...
  7. rotrhed

    Medal Court Mounting Reimbursement after Release?

    I recently retired after 22+ years and no longer have access to the CANFORGENs to do some digging for the answer to my question. Six months after my 22-year mark, but after my release, I received the bar to my CD.  I intend to have my full-size and minis remounted to encorporate the bar.  I...
  8. rotrhed

    WTB: Canadian Naval Centennial Coffee Mug

    Looking for a Canadian Naval Centennial blue coffee mug, in unused/excellent condition.  One is good, two would be better. Located in Winnipeg. Thanks.  :)