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  1. LoKe

    Navy thermals no longer available?

    In the past I would order all my white waffle thermals on LogistikUnicorp.  I went on today to get some more and they don't seem to be available anymore. Would I be able to get them from my QM?  Or do they simply not exist anymore? Us Navy folk need to keep warm, too...
  2. LoKe

    Shining Parades

    I've been shining my parade boots for over three years now.  Near the end of basic they looked pretty good, but since then it seems the more polish I put on them, the worse they seem to get.  I can literally polish a single boot for an hour and it'll look no different than when I started.  I had...
  3. LoKe

    Commanding Officer's Commendation

    I haven't been able to find much information about the CO's Commendation.  Is it a framed certificate?  How often are these awarded?  What is the impact on having something like this on file? Any information is helpful.
  4. LoKe

    Land Force Badge Placement (Navy DEU)

    I'm required to wear the Land Force command badge for a parade tomorrow.  I thought Navy didn't wear these badges, but apparently I have to.  I know it goes on the right side centered on the pocket, but that doesn't apply for Navy DEU's as there is no pocket on the right side.  So, does anyone...
  5. LoKe

    Element Transfer Memo

    I've been advised by certain members of my chain of command to proceed with a memo to request a change of element despite not having the required 5 years of time after MOC training.  I'm wondering if someone has a copy of an example memo regarding this request.  I've done as much research as I...
  6. LoKe

    General Questions

    I've read several topics in these forums and they've been an incredible help.  However, I have some questions that I haven't found clear answers, and some questions I've probably forgotten the answers to.  Rather than ask them all in existing threads, I figure it'd be best to just compound them...
  7. LoKe

    So I'm on my way

    I initially handed in my application for a full time position for Comm Rsch with the Army on November 6th (my 20th birthday).  The CFAT, Medical and Interview came soon after.  Everything was going well until I received a letter from the medical center in Ottawa.  Immediately I knew something...
  8. LoKe


    I got the letter back from Ottawa just a few minutes ago.  According to them, I'm not suitable for the armed forces because I have "occasional anxiety".  Six months of work and preparation, and I'm denied without being given a chance. Is there anything I can do to dispute this?
  9. LoKe

    Possible medical problem

    When I was in my early teens, I was diagnosed with mononucleosis.  The recovery for this took a while, to the point where a year later I was still having problems.  I went to a pediatrician and he said that it's possible that I have chronic fatigue symptom, though I'm questioning it now.  I...