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  1. mrbill

    pre-course checklist question..

    Pre-course checklist.. 10. to have in your possession your marriage certificate, a copy of your lease or mortgage and copies of electricity bills and phone bills proving your cohabitation for at least one year. I already had a copy of my marriage certificate handed in at my recruitment...
  2. mrbill

    Security Clearance Forms

    I have all of my family included in the immediate family section of the security clearance forms (had to print off all the information for a few of them on a separate sheet since there was not enough room on the form) my question here is, am I to include my wife's brothers information as well? I...
  3. mrbill

    The Long Wait

    After working more than a decade in the manufacturing industry with a good strong company, it seemed apparent that the best way to satisfy the share holders was to build our product elsewhere. So, the company decided to lay off everyone and move the last of the production lines to Mexico.. Sure...
  4. mrbill

    cell phones and internet/Wi-Fi access during BMQ

    I'm starting BMQ on Sept. 1 and was wondering about a few things. Are cell phones permitted during the course for personal use right from day 1?? (during certain times of the day ie. after 6pm and weekends) And I also use my phone as my alarm clock in the mornings. One of the things on the list...
  5. mrbill

    Marriage Certificate

    One document I am asked to bring in a certified copy of, is my marriage certificate. I do not currently have the actual certificate, however, I do have the Record of Solemnization of MarriageĀ  which is what I got after the marriage. Is this acceptable? Or will the actual certificate be...
  6. mrbill

    New Fitness Requirements?

    Hi, I have my fitness test as well as my interview coming up and I recently came across a different set of fitness requirements.. I have seen the usual set up with push ups, sit ups, hand grip etc... but I recently came across the following.. Sandbag Lift: 30 consecutive lifts of a 20 kilogram...