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  1. camochick

    Hello from St. Jean

    Hey all, it's sure  been awhile. I finally left the most wonderful place on earth  ::) and am now on my Ql3. It's going well and should (hopefully) be done in July and finally get back home and back to normal. This course is ....interesting to say the least ha!ha! anyhow, missin you all, and...
  2. camochick

    What not to do - No excuse BMQ tips [Merged]

    Cat, I thought about cutting my hair before basic but I didnt and I'm glad. It really doesn't take that long to get your hair back in the morning, not any longer than it would take a man to shave. I just pulled my hair back in a pony tail, wrapped it like a bun, bobby pinned it, put a hair net...
  3. camochick


    i don't know where you did BMQ but we had like 4 classes on memo writing and we hand wrote memo's for practice, so i'm not sure how you dont atleast know some of the format for it.
  4. camochick

    Kit Retention (Lack of it!!!) Upon Departing Saint Jean

    Yeah and the new recruits are getting tac vests now too instead of webbing!!
  5. camochick

    Kit Retention (Lack of it!!!) Upon Departing Saint Jean

    I just left St Jean and they took my awesome cadpat rain gear (the airforce got to keep the rain gear WTF, i loved my rain gear especially in rainy old farnham), my combat gloves, my helmet, and assorted other kit but yet they made me keep my old timey webbing (with no mag pouches) even though I...
  6. camochick

    Hello from St. Jean

    Well today is my last day in St Jean. We had our Graduation today, it went well, I didnt stab myself with my bayonette or drop my rifle. Anyhow, it's off to Bordon for me tommorrow and then who knows where I will be. Thanks for all the support everyone has shown. Take care all, miss ya!!!!
  7. camochick

    Hello from St. Jean

    Hey guys, well I'm down to less than two weeks left of basic training. Week 11 was rough but I made it through. Got to love 4am stand toos and gas, gas, gas. I completed my 13k and my fireman carry so now it's just getting through week 12 without an injury from all the non sleep we will be...
  8. camochick

    Hello from St. Jean

    Well three weeks from this thursday and i am done with this place whooohoo. Just finishing up some stuff this week and then itsb two weeks in farnham and then grad week. Thanks for all the support, miss you all. cheers
  9. camochick

    Hello from St. Jean

    Hey guys, it's been so long since I've posted here. Just wanted to say hey to everyone. I'm going into week seven of basic training and so far it's gone well. I've had some rough days but for the most part it's been pretty good  (each week that goes by gives you such a sense of pride that you...
  10. camochick

    BMQ August 2007 - ALL locations

    I got my 8.5x14 paper at staples, but I had to buy it in a five pack of pads and it was like 15 bucks!!  :rage:
  11. camochick

    Happy Birthday HitorMiss!

    Happy Birthday ya Hobo!!!!!!!  :-*
  12. camochick

    Posting to Edmonton

    You can live in my building have a phone and cable for less than 1500 a month (the apartment includes heat, water, and electricity) and it is an upscale condo style apartment (you don't even have to buy a microwave cause the apartment comes with one, plus a washer and dryer , dishwasher and...
  13. camochick

    Posting to Edmonton

    I moved out here, by myself, got a crappy little apartment, had no furniture not even a pot or a pan and i made it, and I certainly didn't have 1500 dollars a month for rent and 22.95 a day for food. I see for rent signs all over clareview  (east edmonton, not far from the base)and I can...
  14. camochick


    So the husband and i finally saw the movie and we loved it, but they should put a disclaimer at the begining-Warning this movie may make your husband talk non stop about 1)The fact that it would be cool if our car was a transformer, and maybe it is and we just don't know it 2)How he wants to be...
  15. camochick

    The Medical examination

    I'm a -3.5 and i got in. Like Mich said, read the recruiting forum it's got some good info.
  16. camochick

    BMQ August 2007 - ALL locations

    Valleygal, I'm going sig op army, it's good to see know some other people from here are going (might make it a little less scary ha ha)
  17. camochick

    Application Process Samples [2003 - 2018]

    Finally I have something to report Recruiting center-Edmonton,AB Reg/Res-Regular force Army officer/ncm-ncm Trade choice 1- Sig Op Trade choice 2-RMS clerk Trade choice 3-Image tech Application date- March 9 2007 First contact- April 12, 2007 Medical- May 7 2007 Interview- April 16 2007 Merit...
  18. camochick

    BMQ August 2007 - ALL locations

    Got the call ,August 18th i fly out, start BMQ August 20th. Whooohooooo >:D
  19. camochick

    Homefront - Documentary March 10th

    Just thought I would let people know that Global is showing "Homefront" again on June 23rd (this saturday) at 7pm. It also won recently won two awards- best documentary over 30 minutes at the Alberta Film and TV awards and Best Social Issues documentary at the World Media Festival in Hamburg...
  20. camochick

    Applying for Image Technican, Intelligence Operator or AT Controller-Need Advice

    If image tech is your first choice you will be waiting a longgggggggggg longggggggg time to get in (probably more than a year). It was my third choice and the recruiter told me I would get my first two but image tech is never really an open trade , most people remuster to it. Oh and do a...