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  1. Trip_Wire

    Video: Tribute played at RNC SEAL Michael Monsoor

    Video: Tribute played at RNC SEAL Michael Monsoor (Note: Some other good videos on 'site of RNC speeches, etc.) Link: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=FfBb-Jlgn1U
  2. Trip_Wire

    USSF: Military Training Saved His Life!

    MILITARY TRAINING SAVED HIS LIFE A Special Forces Soldier’s path to recovery after getting shot eight times at close range Story by Staff Sgt. Liesl Marelli, Army National Guard August 18, 2008 AFGHANISTAN - During combat operations in 2006, a Special Forces Soldier assigned to Company A, 2nd...
  3. Trip_Wire

    USSF MFF team makes own history — 10th SFG(A)

    USSF MFF team makes own history By ODA 074 Team Members and Capt. Karla S. Owen, 10th Special Forces Group (Airborne) Public Affairs FORT CARSON, Colo. (Sine Pari, Aug. 22, 2008) - It was the early morning hours of May 30, 2007, as the 11-man Special Forces team crept silently through their...
  4. Trip_Wire

    A Town's tribute to dead Brit paratroops

    A Town's tribute to dead Brit paratroops, from 2nd BN, The Parachute Regiment. A garrison town has paid tribute to five paratroops killed earlier in the week in Afghanistan. http://news.bbc.co.uk/2/hi/uk_news/7452563.stm
  5. Trip_Wire

    The US Army at it’s 233 Birthday — June 14. 2008

    The US Army at it’s 233 Birthday! By Brig. Gen. John S. Brown U.S. Army retired June 14 marks the 233rd birthday of the U.S. Army. The anniversary of organized citizens as soldiers in what has become the United States is even more distant in time. It perhaps dates as far back as 1612, when...
  6. Trip_Wire

    Apache takes out 8 BGs — Video

    Some awesome footage, of an Apache taking out 8 BG's with a Hellfire missile and 30 mm.  :skull: http://www.liveleak.com/view?i=31d_1212789344
  7. Trip_Wire

    19th SFG(A) NG Parachuting in Utah, USA

    Here is a video of this National Guard Special Forces Group parachuting (Tailgating) from a C-130 and a few jumping from a Blackhawk. There are other USSF videos listed on that page. The 19th SFGA's ODAs  has served in both war zones. http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=yxyzlQXM3hI
  8. Trip_Wire

    SEAL PO2 Mike Monsoor's Funeral — SEAL Custom

    PO2 Mike Monsoor was awarded the Congressional Medal of Honor posthumously for jumping on a grenade in Iraq, giving his life to save his fellow SEALs. During Mike Monsoor's funeral in San Diego, as his coffin was being moved from the hearse to the grave site at Ft. Rosecrans National Cemetery...
  9. Trip_Wire

    Menton Day Ball Combined USSF/Canadian Color Guard

    The Menton Ball Friday, 07 December 2007, Combined Color Guard!
  10. Trip_Wire

    CIA Legend Dies: Anthony A "Tony Poe" Poshepny

    RIP Warrior! CIA Legend Dies Death of a dirty fighter  By Richard S Ehrlich BANGKOK - Anthony A "Tony Poe" Poshepny, a decorated former official of the US Central Intelligence Agency (CIA) who collected enemy ears, dropped decapitated human heads from the air on to communists and stuck heads...
  11. Trip_Wire

    Russian RKG-3 anti-tank grenade

    The insurgents in Iraq are using this grenade against our armored vehicles and causing casulties. Not a new weapon, but seemingly effective. RKG-3 anti-tank grenade Video: http://www.liveleak.com/view?i=ada_1189106198 General Info: http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/RKG-3_anti-tank_grenade...
  12. Trip_Wire

    SF Military hearing, may test ROE

    http://www.fayobserver.com:80/article?id=270702 Military hearing may test war laws By Kevin Maurer Staff writer There is no question that Master Sgt. Troy Anderson shot Nawab Buntangyar in front of his compound near the Afghan-Pakistani border. There also is no debate that Nawab was known to...
  13. Trip_Wire

    Contractors in Iraq accused of opening fire on civilians, troops

    See link.: http://www.fayobserver.com/article_ap?id=109151
  14. Trip_Wire

    I have seen the horror (Iraq) by MICHAEL YON

    http://www.nydailynews.com/opinions/2007/08/05/2007-08-05_i_have_seen_the_horror-2.html I have seen the horror Al Qaeda is guilty of monstrosities in Iraq - no matter what anyone says MICHAEL YON Sunday, August 5th 2007, 4:00 AM Amid all this talk of timetables for the War in Iraq, blurred...
  15. Trip_Wire

    SBS Hero Butchered in Baghdad

    http://www.ocnus.net/artman2/publish/Defence_Arms_13/Butchered_in_Baghdad.shtml Butchered in Baghdad By DAMIEN LEWIS Last updated at 19:04pm on 27th July 2007 The Daily Mail This SBS hero, K2 mountaineer and bodyguard to the Beckhams was killed by five NATO-trained Iraqi police officers. Was...
  16. Trip_Wire

    Dog Who Searched for WTC Survivors Dies

    http://www.breitbart.com/article.php?id=2007-07-25_D8QJVR280&show_article=1&cat=breaking&image=large Dog Who Searched for WTC Survivors Dies Jul 25 09:47 PM US/Eastern By VERENA DOBNIK Associated Press Writer NEW YORK (AP) - A black Labrador who became a national canine hero after burrowing...
  17. Trip_Wire

    (AU) Rules of Engagement and Counterinsurgency Malpractice

    An Australian article of interest on the stated subjects.: http://www.captainsjournal.com/2007/04/16/rules-of-engagement-and-counterinsurgency-malpractice/
  18. Trip_Wire

    TAPS: LTC. Ronald Speirs, of the Band of Brother fame, has passed on.

    LTC. Ronald Speirs, of the Band of Brother fame has passed on. http://members.chello.nl/~p.vandewal/pagina.html http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Ronald_Speirs During his career he served as the following.: 506th Parachute Infantry Regiment WWII, Longest and last serving Commanding Officer of E...
  19. Trip_Wire

    Article on US military parachute development

    Link to article.: http://www.special-operations-technology.com/article.cfm?DocID=1657
  20. Trip_Wire

    A Canadian Para's story WWII & Korea

    I happend across this website and enjoyed this mans story and the pictures. I hope all here do too!  :salute: :cdn: http://paravet.ca/The-Beginning.html