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  1. Brixxie

    World of Warcraft/ Gamers

    I had a post in sub boards, But I wanted to bump it forward Anyone Playing World of Warcraft want to start a army.ca guild ? If you don't know what world of warcraft is its a MMORPG, There are 5 million plus players.  MMO means massive multiple player on line game. You keep in contact with...
  2. Brixxie

    Welcome snow

    I woke up this morning with  2 good inches of white fluffy snow.  Juster wondering who else got the first snow fall? Brixxie
  3. Brixxie

    Myths and legends

    :D A couple years ago this sweet old vet told me a story. It wasn't true because I tried to confirm but still it was cute and believable . I was told That in WWI and WWII uniform buttons were made  of  a resin coated soup broth that could be melted down to make a quick hot meal ...just in...
  4. Brixxie

    could this happen?

    I was wondering, talking to someone. If you CT'd and were on course could they pull you off to take your old postion back . ie: in a trade program but getting called back to drive Lav's? Just wondering if it could happen Brixxie
  5. Brixxie

    New PT Test Requirements...Whining

    back on track so every who is joining the forces is going infantry right? No , the faces of the forces is changing. We need alot of other skills besides fitness. Fitness can be taught and if  your willing to learn it wont be a problem. Why not recruit people who have natural talents in other...
  6. Brixxie

    finding Padre

    before I get my head bitten off by the MODS I swear I used the search button  :-* How can I get a hold of the local base (CFB North Bay) Padre? I have some questions and I cant excatly run down to Borden to use my Husbands . **Also if anyone is intrested I found a wonderful Bible for Soliders...
  7. Brixxie

    Is this really fast or normal?

    Okay so last week I dropped off my application + all the little things they asked for. 4 working days later (today) I was called to come write the CFAT and interview on thursday , Um thats ONLY 6 working days... it this normal? TWO days to prepare for CFAT? I applied 1Met Tech 2Sup Tech 3RMS...
  8. Brixxie

    moving questions

    here is a question I'm sure you know all about.Moving and posting. I met hubby while he was infantry. I didn't have to move because I was close enough to Pet to have a relationship. We decided that we would keep the house here and he would come back on weekends. He has been in Borden now for 4...
  9. Brixxie

    Cell phone family plans across canada

    Good Morning quick question , how do you all keep in touch when your loved ones are away on course or training. My husband and I were sick of the phone cards and were thinking maybe (Bell or Rogers) had a family plan with their Cell phones we could use or are the prices to ridiculous. Im asking...