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  1. cnobbs84

    Inherited Cap Badge- Can I wear after BMQ

    Kind folks, Long story short good friend of my family was in the Black Watch long long time ago and served in the logistics branch, he never had kids. I am going to BMQ for SUP TECH and I was wondering how cap badges work. I know I will most likely be given my Logistics branch badge after BMQ...
  2. cnobbs84

    Can a retired Reserve Officer swear you in?

    Good Day, If this is in the wrong forum please move it. However on with the story. A close family friend has seen me grown up since in diapers and couple years ago retired from the local reserve unit as a Lt Col. I am told that family members and the like can swear you in as long as they are...
  3. cnobbs84

    Canadian Forces- Soldier Prayer Plaque Where to find

    Good Day, I hope someone can help me. Couple weeks ago I went to The Ontario Regiment RCAC for a birthday party, and I noticed a plaque with a pewter CF crest and the soldiers prayer. I have a friend over seas and I think it would be a nice birthday gift for when he returns from his tour. Any...
  4. cnobbs84

    Difference between local and national recruting

    Good day, could someone explain to me the difference between the national recruiting and the local recruiting? i was told the previous position i applied for was national selection and would have a less greater chance of a job offer than the current trade that i have applied for now which the...
  5. cnobbs84

    Purple Trade and SQ

    Hey all, I'm applying for SUPP TEC and my interview is on june 30th and i have chosen army. My question is do all army trades go through SQ because my understanding is that as a SUPP TEC i am responsible for secondary duties when in the field. Cheers