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  1. camochick

    Hello from St. Jean

    Hey guys, it's been so long since I've posted here. Just wanted to say hey to everyone. I'm going into week seven of basic training and so far it's gone well. I've had some rough days but for the most part it's been pretty good  (each week that goes by gives you such a sense of pride that you...
  2. camochick

    Different people, different process

      Since I posted in Application process samples about being merit listed, I have been getting Pm's about the process and my process and other people's processes (is that even a word), so I'm making a post to try and help out some of the people going through or thinking about starting the...
  3. camochick

    The Ground Truth

    While channel surfing last night I stumbled upon this interesting documentary called " The Ground Truth". It's a documentary on the effects of war on soldiers, and how alot of American soldiers are returning from war and not receiving the help they need. You can watch it on google video, just...
  4. camochick

    Edmonton Tragically Hip tickets for sale

    I have two tickets to the Tragically hip for tommorrow nights concert (January 14th) that I need to sell. If you're interested PM me. Thanks!!!
  5. camochick

    Operation wounded soldier

    I found this on another site and thought perhaps some people on here could help them out. It's great to see kids getting involved. By BRIAN MEDEL Yarmouth Bureau YARMOUTH — Operation Wounded Soldier is underway, but not at a battalion aid station on a far-flung battlefield. The project is...
  6. camochick

    Thank you

    With two weeks left to go before my husband is home , I have to give some thanks to everyone here who helped me get through this. Your kind words, thoughts and explanations have made a world of difference to me over these last seven months. I am glad I had a place to turn to if I needed to...
  7. camochick

    Tour Pay

    Ok, so I was forwarned that the tour pay would stop by the end of july and would be paid later on, but i'm curious as to why that is and will we get the rest in a timely manner or will it be typical government work and take a couple months. Also, will it be deposited directly into the account...
  8. camochick

    2 Canadian soldiers hurt in Afghan firefight

    http://www.ctv.ca/servlet/ArticleNews/story/CTVNews/20060708/afghan_injuries_060708/20060708?hub=TopStories 2 Canadian soldiers hurt in Afghan firefight Updated Sat. Jul. 8 2006 12:39 PM ET CTV.ca News Staff Two Canadian soldiers have been injured -- one seriously -- in a firefight with...
  9. camochick

    Afghan, coalition forces kill 82 insurgents

    http://www.ctv.ca/servlet/ArticleNews/story/CTVNews/20060624/afghan_assaults_060624/20060624?hub=TopStories Afghan, coalition forces kill 82 insurgents Updated Sat. Jun. 24 2006 8:48 AM ET CTV.ca News Staff Recent attacks by Afghan and coalition forces have left about 82 suspected insurgents...
  10. camochick

    Two Canadian soldiers injured in Afghan battle 12 Jun 06

    [ Article ] Two Canadian soldiers injured in Afghan battle Updated Mon. Jun. 12 2006 10:02 AM ET CTV.ca News Staff Two Canadian soldiers have been injured during a fierce gunbattle involving Afghan and coalition troops in southern Afghanistan. CTV's Steve Chao, reporting from Kandahar, said...
  11. camochick

    Bacon mushroom melt

    The best burger ever!!!!! >:D    muhahahahahahahahahahaha!!!!!!!!! Give in to the food crack!!!!!!!!!!!!
  12. camochick

    The Caramilk Secret (split from something and now meandering to something else]

    Des, where's the thread about the caramilk bar >:D
  13. camochick

    k-rock edmonton supports our troops

    We saw this at a few places downtown. Edmonton has been great about supporting our troops. Thanks k-rock
  14. camochick

    Bomber killed in Afghan attack; Canadians hurt

    http://www.ctv.ca/servlet/ArticleNews/story/CTVNews/20060416/afghanistan_injuries_060419/20060419?hub=TopStories Two Canadian soldiers injured in Afghan blast CTV.ca News Staff Two Canadian soldiers received minor injuries in a roadside bomb attack in Afghanistan on Wednesday. A convoy...
  15. camochick

    cheap or too generous

    Just though I would throw this out there because I am a waitress and I am curious to know what most people give when they tip. Do you always abide by the rule of 10 percent? Is that the rule everywhere or just here in Alberta? Do you adjust the tip according to service or do you give extra for...
  16. camochick

    Power of attorney, wills, etc

    I am on another forum that is directed towards spouses of military personel and someone made this post. "A service that was formally provided by the Judge Advocate for the forces deployed to over seas missions has now become and expensive hassle to our troops. Power of Attorney and drafting a...
  17. camochick

    fitness freaks

    Ok, so I know there is probably a thread with the same junk in it but after doing a search I can't seem to find it. I would really like anyone who has a good rountine I could follow as if i was training to join the military. I have been doing some running but it's not enough and I want to get in...
  18. camochick

    Aesop says hi!!

    I was talking to Aesop tonight. He hasn't had internet access in awhile and sure is sorry he is missing out on putting his sarcastic two cents into some of these rather interesting topics. No worries though, he will be back in a few weeks better than ever, maybe even with some new comebacks hehe >:D
  19. camochick

    six degrees of kevin bacon

    I found this site, and it's true, you can link kevin bacon to almost any other celebrity. It's almost creepy. Give it a try hehehe >:D http://oracleofbacon.org/
  20. camochick

    No brainer

    This game is making me crazy, I didnt realize how hard it can be to think of the answer and get your hand to move in only a few seconds. Check it out hehe. >:D http://addictinggames.com/nobrainer.html