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  1. govenor_mac

    War Amps

    I tuned in to a documentary yesterday on the War Amps. I tuned in too late to find out who was singing the song 'Never Again'. If anyone out there knows please let me know. It was truely beautiful.Thanks in advance.
  2. govenor_mac

    Graduation Day soon approaching.

    I checked other threads and couldn't find one to help me. Could anyone out there prepare me for the events of Graduation Day in Borden.Is the Grad ceremony in the afternoon?.Is there a dinner and dance to follow? Where is the most economical hotel? Anything you can tell me concerning this day...
  3. govenor_mac

    Borden's Pat platoon....Best drill in Canada!

    Congrats to Borden's Pat Platoon on their 'Best drill in Canada'.Picture to be in Maple Leaf magazine.
  4. govenor_mac


    It just behooves me as to why a fellow CF member would go into another fellow CF members room, through the night while they are sleeping and steal their personal items. Yes, The items should either have not been there or else locked up but the CF is supposed to be a family. Why would they do...
  5. govenor_mac

    Mailroom, Borden, Ont.

    Why is it such a problem for recipients to get their mail in Borden? I know of three letters that never made it to my son. And... yes ...the address was correct. He said many don't get their mail. Whats up? Who can a person complain to? I sent a parcel express ($30)and he was to get it in three...
  6. govenor_mac

    BMQ September 2007 - ALL locations Thread

    Anyone out there going to BMQ in September in Borden Ont.?
  7. govenor_mac

    Ok ....When ?

    My son has completed his remedial training and is now awaiting Basic.He is presently in pat platoon. When should he expect to be placed.August? September?
  8. govenor_mac

    Unable to access chat.

    I used to be able to access the chat room but now I am unable to do so. Can anyone tell me why? What can I do to fix the problem.
  9. govenor_mac

    Pay Deductions [Merged]

    Could someone out there please give me a breakdown of payroll deductions for a recruit in training. I am curious to hear how much it is per pay for rations, lodgings etc. I am aware that a 'pay stub' is not given out to each individual with their bi-weekly pay. Why is that?
  10. govenor_mac

    Next BMQ date

    Could anyone tell me the next BMQ date in Borden for Reg F. Many thanks.
  11. govenor_mac

    Question about BMQ Remedial training

    Could anyone out there tell me about remedial camp. My son didn't pass the running in the endurance test in the first week. He has a choice of VR or remedial camp. Can you fill me in. He wants to take VR as he has been in PAT platoon since a few weeks and hates it. Many thanks.