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  1. JimMorrison19

    What Was/Is Your Biggest Obstacle?

    (Not sure if this is in the right sub-forum or not) Exactly how it sounds - what is or was the thing(s) that is in the way of your intention to join the CF? Anything counts, whether it's vision, a certain part of the fitness test, PT or aptitude, family (not a bad thing)? Did it prevent you...
  2. JimMorrison19

    Pharmacy Officer

    I was just looking into the occupation and thought it might be interesting to do, but I can't find much information that isn't tied in with MOs and medics. Anyone have any experience as one?
  3. JimMorrison19

    A Short Road... Turning Long?

    I thought I'd post my fragment of a story here for encouragement to other people with similar situations, and possibly as future clarification for other would-be members. Here goes: August 2007 - After spending a year at university I decided I'd look into joining the Forces, combat arms...
  4. JimMorrison19

    Your Degree and Your Trade

    A few questions regarding degrees taken, if anyone wouldn't mind trying to answer them for me. I'm looking at applying in a year or so as ROTP officer for infantry, maybe engineering, and am a little confused regarding degrees - I've already looked at another thread that gave me some answers...
  5. JimMorrison19

    Assignments After Joining?

    I'm not sure whether this fits best here or in Military Administration, but I'm assuming it goes here after not finding anything. I'm trying to learn a little more on the process of joining and training and whatnot, as well as looking into all the information available on each regiment and its...
  6. JimMorrison19

    Medical Standards - Just How Tough?

    Hello everyone. I'm new to the site and have looked through 16 pages of the Recruiting subforum for answers to the question I'm about to ask but haven't found what I'm looking for (may have just overlooked something). I'm soon to be 20 years old and was diagnosed with testicular cancer in...