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  1. SkyHeff

    Help Deciphering OJE Msg

    I just received my summer OJE msg for TD to Cold Lake, but I am having issues deciphering if and to which squadron/unit/which ever I am attached to. TD FROM MAY TO JUL 2012 AT 0134, CANADIAN FORCES BASE COLD LAKE, AB Is the "0134" a squadron code or something?
  2. SkyHeff

    Where to find a UN Cap Badge

    My dad is trying to find a UN cap badge, and I was hoping to get him one for Christmas. He served in Cyprus and Bosnia/Croatia. He lent his badge to someone heading over and never saw it again. He was a M/Cpl at the time, and I'm not sure if they wore the brass version or the fabric. I found a...
  3. SkyHeff

    Joining Instructions - SUEP vs ROTP

    I'm heading to BMOQ this Saturday and while looking through the joining instructions, there's a section that states: e. Certified copies of diplomas: Officer-Candidates from the Direct Entry Program should bring a certified copy of their university or college graduation certificate...
  4. SkyHeff

    BMOQ Grad Day/Travel Day

    I've been slated for attending BMOQ this summer, and whilst trying not to count my chickens before they hatch, I would like to enquire about how the end of course works. My folks wish to drive up to St. Jean to watch the ceremony, and from my understanding off the CFLRS site, graduation parade...
  5. SkyHeff

    Generation Kill: Show vs Book

    I've just finished watching the show (again) and read the Rolling Stone articles "The Killer Elite". I have some Chapters gift cards to spend and I was wondering if anyone knew whether the book offered more in depth explanation and character development than the show, or if the show follows the...
  6. SkyHeff

    Sworn In Backwards?

    I just had a question of curiosity. I was sworn in this past weekend and when the act was being performed, anyone being sworn in had their right hand on the bible and their left hand raised. Was this backwards? I've heard from a few people that it should have been the other way around. Anyone...