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    2016 Indexing ??

    Does anyone have any info on the indexing percentage for jan 1, 2016 ?? Thanks
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    A while back I read something, either on here (search was not found) or somewhere else, on the VIP, whereas it was determined by CRA that VIP payments for grass/snow/house-keeping etc are not GST/HST applicable.  Does anyone have a ref on this ?? Thanks
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    I'm a "hybrid" vet client, pension act and NVC.  I receive a small Exceptional Incapacity Allowance from them.  Is there a bar from me also getting a PIA ??? Thanks
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    VAC - Attendance Allowance

    Just a quick inquiry:  has anyone with PTSD/OSI been granted Attendance Allowance ??  Thanks
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    Marriage Breakdown - pension split

    Can someone, with similar experience, tell me if  VAC pension/benefits are considered as "income/assets," and divisible when going thru a divorce ?? (I want to do some legwork before I start paying a lawyer.)  Thanks
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    Reg Force to CIC

    I'm looking for some info on CIC.  I've recently released ( 6 months ago),  and might like to transfer to CIC for a few years.... Is there any CIC officers on here who can provide me with general knowledge ?? I'd prefer we do it thru PM or email Thanks
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    Reservists - medical treatments for on duty injuries - paid??

    I have a friend who was injured (Class A) on duty.  Her file is now in Ottawa for TCAT/PCAT determination.  She's being seeing civ health care professionals.  I believe there is a policy to pay 1/2 day for such appointments.  Can anyone confirm this, and have a ref ?? Thanks
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    December payments

    As a recently retired member, can anyone tell me if CFSA and VAC release their payments  earlier in Dec, or is end of Dec SOP ?? Thanks
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    Hand gun collection FS

    I hope this ad is Kosher: Item                     Remarks                                           Asking Price $ 22 cal Erma         Restricted                                                200 9mm Luger w/Swastika Prohibited                                        800  9mm Lugers 1939 ...
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    UN Beret

    Does anyone know where Belgian style, UN Blue berets can be purchased in Canada ?? Thanks
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    CPP Disability

    I'm being released in the next 35 days (3b), . I'll be getting the SISIP 75% top up.  I know I'd qualify for the CPP Disability, however I also know SISIP would claw that back.  Has anyone with similar experience with this ??  Pros/cons to applying immediately, or after the 2 years of SISIP ...
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    CRA Disability Tax credit

    Has anyone been approved by CRA for the Disability credit (with Dr's sign off on T2201) ?? I sent one in and am wondering if its a similar battle to VAC... Thanks
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    Med Releases

    Does anyone know of any CF member who has redressed their Med Rel date due to the MND's statement that  (paraphrased) " no member would be released until THEY are ready to go " ?? Thanks
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    Kit Shop

    Does anyone know if the Engineer school in Gagetown has a kit shop, and if so, do they have branch ties and lapel pins ?  My brother in law is a retired CWO and is looking for these items.  Thanks
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    Gov't contacts

    There's a publicly available website with almost all Fed gov't employees listings on line.  If you need direct lines..... here ya go: http://sage-geds.tpsgc-pwgsc.gc.ca/cgi-bin/direct500/eng/TE?FN=index.htm
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    Post CF Educational Benefits

    Hi All: I'll be released, 3(b), before June 2013.  I've been looking at taking a 1 or 2 year program, but not much is offered in my area.  Will the CF pay any type of R&Q if the crse is taken away from home, i.e. 2-3 hours away ??  Is there any restrictions on geographic locations?  (i.e. can a...
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    VAC Medical

    I need some advice.  I'm now on a PCAT, or at least the MO sent it to Ottawa for PCAT in Jan of this year.  I just spoke to VAC about filing a claim but I will have to see their Dr, which will take over a year to get an appointment.  They told me if I'm released in the meantime my civ Dr can do...
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    US AFRC's

    I searched for this but came up empty.  Does anyone know if we Canucks can use the American Forces Rec Centers, i.e. Garmisch, Orlando, and Hawaii ??  Their terms of Ref basically state otherwise, however sometimes local policies are flexible. Thanks
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    Canadians Buried in Arlington National Cemetery

    I am a member of Veterans Canada m/c club. In May we plan a run to Washington, DC to take part in Rolling Thunder.  I have proposed while there we visit Arlington to pay respects to the Canadians buried there, including the US Medal of Honor winners.  I have also proposed we bring a bit of Cdn...
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    Soldier that Refused to deploy

    I'm having a memory alert here:  Does anyone recall hearing about a Que-based soldier refusing to board the plane to Afghanistan?  I know (or think I do) I saw that somewhere, maybe 3-5 years ago.  (I hope I posted this in the correct forum). Thanks