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  1. Navalsnpr

    Harper - Election Promises

    Here is a quick one for you all, in the past two months what promises did Harper break that he made as part of his election platform?
  2. Navalsnpr

    Feds spent over $620,000 in booze in last four years

    Feds spent over $620,000 in booze in last four years http://www.ottawasun.com/news/canada/2011/02/09/17216601.html OTTAWA — Taxpayers footed the bill for more than $620,000 in booze over the past four years, newly released federal documents show. But 27 departments and agencies — including...
  3. Navalsnpr

    AO for Mobiles

    Although AO works fine through the iPhone web browser, is there any plan on building an iPhone application for AO?  It could provide some revenue for the site.
  4. Navalsnpr

    Police detonate explosive devices; cache of IEDs and Wpns - TIMMINS 17 Dec 2010

    Police detonate explosive devices on Front Street after a cache of IEDs and weapons discovered. http://www.timminstimes.com/ArticleDisplay.aspx?e=2895412 TIMMINS TIMES UPDATE: 7:00 p.m.. Friday December 17, 2010 --- Ontario Provincial Police bomb disposal experts set off at least three...
  5. Navalsnpr

    Tan Combat Boots: Break-in before deployment

    So, I've heard from a few of my Army friends that there is a directive on the street that permits the wearing of Tan Desert Boots with CADPAT TW (Not CADPAT AR) for 60 days prior to deployment in order to break them.  So, my question is, is this rumor true? and if it is where did the directive...
  6. Navalsnpr

    Sailor captures Queen’s Medal for Champion Shot

    Sailor captures Queen’s Medal for Champion Shot  http://www.navy.forces.gc.ca/cms/3/3-a_eng.asp?id=755 By Darlene Blakeley Credit:  WO Lawrence Conrad PO 1 Martin Cashin is “chaired off” the field after winning the Queen’s Medal for Champion Shot (Regular Force) at the Canadian Forces Small...
  7. Navalsnpr

    New "Hard Sea Trade" NCM Recruiting Videos

    A new batch of Naval recruiting videos just hit the www.recruiting.forces.gc.ca website last month. You can take a look at them by following the link below and choosing the applicable trade from the drop down menu: Navy Jobs So.. What do you think?
  8. Navalsnpr

    Electronics for 280 replacement

    Although we may not know when we will receive replacement ships for the current 280's, it is a safe bet that they will eventually come. That being said, does anyone want to comment on the types of electronic equipment that should be considered for these ships? I'm looking at four main sections...
  9. Navalsnpr

    Barriers to protect HMC Ships at dockyards

    Barriers to protect HMC Ships at dockyards By Virginia Beaton HALIFAX - The Navy will be putting in protective barriers around Her Majesty's Canadian Ships in Halifax to assure a higher level of security. "We know where we're going to put them, but the design or the product itself has not...
  10. Navalsnpr

    Canadian army to privatize some weapons training

    I don't know if this has already been posted elsewhere, but I would think that it should be in this section Canadian army to privatize some weapons training Last Updated Wed, 06 Jul 2005 10:17:12 EDT CBC News Federal opposition parties are criticizing plans by the Canadian Forces to hire...
  11. Navalsnpr

    Allowed to attend "Sporting" Events

    One of the biggest pet peeves I have is with the mentality of some pertaining to permitting time away from your normal place of employment to attend Military sanctioned sporting events. I find that if you play hockey, baseball or any of the normal sports out there that it is easy to obtain time...
  12. Navalsnpr


    For those who haven't seen the acronym RHIP, it stands for Rank Has It's Privileges. I wanted to start a discussion regarding the differences between the elements when certain items are "dished out". For example, in my Army days in West Germany, when we returned to Hohenfels after a couple of...
  13. Navalsnpr


    Courtesy of Navy Public Affairs SHIPMATES OF HMCS HURON TO MUSTER ONE LAST TIME  :salute: ESQUIMALT, BC â “ Current and former shipmates of Her Majesty's Canadian Ship Huron will muster one last time to say farewell to their ship at 11 a.m. on Thursday, March 31.  After 32 years of service...
  14. Navalsnpr

    Marine Security Operations Centres is opened in Halifax

    Courtesy of CTV.CA New security agency launched in port of Halifax New security agency launched in port of Halifax CTV.ca News Staff A new national security agency has launched operations in Halifax, involving six Canadian departments and agencies and the U.S. Coast Guard. Previously, only...
  15. Navalsnpr

    CADPAT as Navy Work Dress?

    The past number of years has seen both the Army and Air Force elements change to CADPAT for the daily work dress for its personnel. Rumours have gone around over the past year that the Navy may adopt the same for personnel who are not posted to a sea going position. Comments?
  16. Navalsnpr

    HMC Ships & Submarine Websites

    Some of the ships of the Canadian Fleet now have websites available on-line. East Coast HMCS Iroquois HMCS Athabaskan HMCS St.John's HMCS Halifax HMCS Toronto HMCS Montreal NCSM Ville de Quebec HMCS Fredericton HMCS Charlottetown HMCS Preserver HMCS Windsor West Coast HMCS Algonquin HMCS...
  17. Navalsnpr

    CP Gear - Rifle Scope Cover Set

    Just wondering if anyone has ordered this item for use with a C3A1 rifle? If so, does it fit?
  18. Navalsnpr

    HMCS Halifax sailors hurt in heavy seas

    HMCS Halifax sailors hurt in heavy seas     Canadian Press Thursday, February 03, 2005 HALIFAX (CP) -- Three sailors aboard a Canadian navy frigate sustained minor injuries Thursday morning while the ship was rolling violently in heavy seas off the U.S. coast. One of the three men on...
  19. Navalsnpr

    Navy supply ship out of refit in Halifax - late and over budget

    Courtsey of National Post Navy supply ship out of refit in Halifax - late and over budget Murray Brewster Canadian Press Sunday, January 16, 2005 HALIFAX (CP) - The refit of Canada's only military supply ship on the East Coast has taken longer and will be more expensive than first...
  20. Navalsnpr

    Man Overboard just outside St.John's Harbour (HMCS TORONTO)

    Courtesey of http://www.vocm.com/cgi-win/vocm.exe/93938-Local Man Overboard 1/16/05 (Nancy Murphy/Denis Mulloy)   Some dicey moments for the frigate HMCS Toronto early Sunday afternoon. Search and Rescue in St. John's were notified around 1:30 that four people had gone overboard just outside...