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  1. Britney Spears

    Fed up with our boring election? Which IRAQI political party would you vote for?

    Since the Mother Teresa Slagging thread was canned, it's been all election, all the time around here. <a href=http://www.niqash.org/wahlomat/wahlstart.php>Which Iraqi political party best represents your views?</a> I was split evenly between the Islamic Virtue Party and the Iraqi National...
  2. Britney Spears

    List of Guantanamo Bay detainees

    Ever wonder about your next door neighbours who suddenly disappeared? Or that Pte. Mahmoud who went NES right after basic? That tall, swarthy Saudi prince who left you in the morning and never called you back? Maybe he's on vacation in Cuba!  :D <a...
  3. Britney Spears

    Anyone remember that clown TACSIT?

    <a href=http://lightfighter.net/eve/ubb.x/a/tpc/f/5436084761/m/9241097241>Posting (or should I say "posing") at lightfighter.com</a> Good thing it only took us like 18 pages of posts to uncover his BS. ;D
  4. Britney Spears

    Italian Woman kidnaped in Kabul

    Go get 'em ISAF!  :( <a href=http://news.bbc.co.uk/2/hi/south_asia/4553223.stm>Italian woman abducted in Kabul</a> Italian woman abducted in Kabul An Italian female aid worker has been kidnapped in Afghanistan's capital, Kabul, officials say. They said the woman was forced from her car by...
  5. Britney Spears

    David Hackworth Dies at 74

    Too bad, I enjoyed his articles. http://www.hackworth.com/
  6. Britney Spears

    Drill and Military Tradition

    Which brings us logically to the next topic of debate: "Ceremonial Drill - Obsolete?" *waits for it to be spun off into a new thread*
  7. Britney Spears

    questions about the elevation adjustment on gen-2 C79

    Am I correct to assume that the upgraded elevation adjustment/sight base on the new C79 sight is the same type used in the American M145 MGO? Is it any good? Presumably since the Americans use it in large numbers, it must be at least a servicable design, what with them being a real army and...
  8. Britney Spears

    What I want for Xmas (Body Armour Related)

  9. Britney Spears

    Training with the old rifle-grenade

    This is a bit of a hijack, mods, feel free to spin this off into a new thread. Was were the range proceedures for the old grenade launcher C1? The biggest argument for rifle grenades of the old style is that training can be conducted cheaply and effectively by using blanks and dummy rifle...
  10. Britney Spears

    Tac Vest does not make the grade.

    No argument there, its a different matter when one's ass is on the linel, although to be honest, for the first few month I thought the TV was the greatest thing the army ever gave me. Ooooh, "int" make it sound so serious. Regardless, it does illustrate the point that for 90% of training (esp...