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  1. Jester_TG

    WTB: Army Officer Log Branch Mess Kit

    Hey, Looking for an Army officer mess kit. I'm a new LogO. Rank doesnt matter much as I will have to get it tailored with the pips anyways. Regards, Mike
  2. Jester_TG

    BMOQ-L 20Jan to 4Apr - Gagetown

    Hey, Anyone else here on this course? I'm driving from Pet and leave tomorrow morning. So not looking forward to this course lol....
  3. Jester_TG

    WTS: 10.5" AR-15 /w Magpul Accessories & Troy sights

    Hey, Looking to sell my NEA-15 CQB (10.5") Serial #100 - Got right from Jeff at NEA via Target Sports. Foliage Green Magpul rail covers Foliage Green Pmag (Choice of 5/30 or 5/20Rnd) Foliage Green Magpul Stubby Vert Grip Foliage Green Magpul MOE Hand Grip Foliage Green Magpul MOE Stock Troy...
  4. Jester_TG

    Anyone else in Ontario think this weather is Crazy?

    I just got inside from shoveling my driveway and that of the neighbours (she's pregnant). What the hell is happening? Supposed to be +11 here in a couple days... mother nature needs to calm the F down...lol