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    Word association (just for fun)

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    Word association (just for fun)

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    Annual Army Run (merged)

    Not sure how many forumites ran or were involved in today's run but it was an absolutely fantastic day to get out and have a good run. The organization, support and the entire event was top-notch.  It was truly inspiring to be cheered on by the throngs and to run amongst so many of our nations...
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    Your Beer Brand of Choice

    Modela Especial or Rolling Rock.
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    Triathlon Anyone?

    Any triathletes around?  If anyone is Ottawa based,any recommendation for a LBS that has a good selection of tri bikes, good prices and wrenches?  Thanks
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    Memorial in Point Pelee National Park

    As best as anyone around here can remember, there was a cooperative program (Millennium Monument Project Committee) in 1985 between Parks Canada and the Department of Veterans Affairs to put these memorials at our National Parks and National Historic Sites.  1985 was the centennial year of our...
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    Ottawa Relocation

    I will be living in Ottawa on a temp basis so that I can attend one of the many French language schools to get my language profile.  My employer is arranging accommodation and has suggested either The Carlisle (corner Lyon & Laurier) or a furnished condo at 205 Bolton (Sussex Square) in the...
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    Who has had problems finding a career post-military?

    Greymatters - you have provided excellent advice.  As someone who has made a very successful transition to civilian life after a "long enough" military career many of the points you have brought forward are bang on. My personal observation is that many military folks (and I was one of them) are...
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    Keeping wounded in CF - merged super-thread

    Paul, Well put, BZ, good on you for saying it. Folks like you and all who have served make me proud to be a Canadian and a CF retiree. Best of luck to you in your recovery.  God bless. Jack
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    Decommissioned Kitty Hawk to India ?

    Wonder if there is any of YUKON's ship side grey left on the Kitty Hawk's flight deck overhang?
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    Happy Family Day - Ontario

    No kidding.  Federal public servants don't get the day because it's not in the CA.  Raises a good point though - a pal of mine is an employee rep for his union (not federal - not PSAC).  He tells me that his union strongly desires to give up the Remembrance Day stat holiday in favour of the new...
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    Happy Family Day - Ontario

    Happy Family Day fellow Ontarians.  It was like a ghost town driving into work today.
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    Does online criticism violate one's right to free speech, split from: Re: Physical Fitness

    Reading the responses to this post   :o  are going to make my day.  Fire away boys and girls...   :threat:
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    Miniature Medals..

    Does anybody know if there is a place in/around the GTA where I can purchase and have court mounted my miniature medals.  Please PM me with details/contact info.  Appreciate your assistance in advance.
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    Lake ontario

    I was the Nav Officer on the Ottawa and we conducted a live fire NGFS exercise on the Meaford Range - that was in 1990.
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    What's your gas price? 2.0

    95.3 here in Peterborough.
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    For Sale - Navy Mess Kit

    For sale - navy mess kit.  I bought this mess kit second hand in the early 80's but never wore it and it has been properly stored ever since.  The uniform was made in the UK in 1960. Items: jacket, dress pants, undress pants, black vest. Fabric: doeskin. Has Lt(N) stripes on it (great patina...
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    Is there controversy over Latest Awards to AFG Troops ?

    I'm willing to bet that there are hundreds of circumstances that are similar to those mentioned that our forces have encountered.  I am intensely proud of each and every one of you who have served our country so well.  This country cannot thank you (and your families that are holding down the...
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    The General Hillier Years. The Merged Superthread

    "JArmy"  Joint with an Army flavour.
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    Defence Minister announces new Official Languages Plan

    Sanity prevails.  This is a good news story.  If only the Public Service could adopt such a policy - bilingual imperative staffing kills me.