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    Apply For School Funding Without COC

    Good Evening, I was recently on a course without access to the network. A guy on the course told me there is a program on the network you can apply for to get funding to attend school without going through the coc. I'm off course and have access to the network now, but I cannot get a hold of...
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    CANEX use on course [Merged]

    Ive read a lot of different replies on the forums to this question. Some saying you have no access whats so ever to the Canex until week 5 then I've read others saying you will be brought up to purchase items you need for basic before week five. My question is clear cut and I just need one...
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    Pearson Oct 25

    Anyone flying out of pearson airport october 25 for BMQ? Got my call today offer for EGS tech Sworn in in Barrie on 15 Oct Leaving 25 Oct been a long process cant wait!
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    Final part of application am I close?

    I have done every part of the application except the interview which I am scheduled to do on September 2nd. Should I expect that as long as that goes by good they will be looking to book me into BMQ shortly after or does it just simply mean they finally have time to do my interview? I have been...