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    Aerospace Control Officers-AEC [merged]

    Is it just me or is it really hard to find information on the ACSO? I know the name changed but I have been searching around with little luck on how the career progresses and realistic day in the life of's ect.  Any input or links to help? Also, I have thought about the AEC but don't want to be...
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    BMOQ-AUG 26th

    Hey guys, looks like I'm joining this part a little late. I look forward to meeting everyone. I'm getting sworn in Thursday and flying out 2 days after! It all feels a little quick but at least that gives me no time to think about things to much!
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    CEOTP (Continuing Ed Officer Trg Plan) 2003-2018 [Merged]

    Does anyone know if there will be more than one group or more than 20 applicants? Based on what was said it sounds like they have a group already (and even started), so are no longer looking to recruit for this upcoming fall? Anyone able to verify? Wondering as I just got merit listed and am...