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  1. jacob_of_canada

    Living Off Base in Victoria after BMOQ

    Is it common that people are able to live off base? Is there a process? In my current situation, I would be moving in with my Girlfriend. Since we are there for at least a year, is this something that is usually approved? Thanks
  2. jacob_of_canada

    Next BMOQ dates

    Hello Officer hopefuls, Having a completed file with my local RC and my file in HQ, it seems that there might be some uncertainties regarding the next BMOQ date. I have been hoping for a April/May start but nothing has been set yet, apparently. Has anyone heard any different? Thanks, Jake
  3. jacob_of_canada

    Dropping a choice post-interview

    Hello and good day, I recently had and passed my interview and medical for: 1-Pilot 2-MARS Officer 3-Log officer My selection for numbers 2 and 1 were very difficult to choose, as I would like them both very much. Recently, I have spoken with members of the forces and even a family member...