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    Triathlon Anyone?

    Any triathletes around?  If anyone is Ottawa based,any recommendation for a LBS that has a good selection of tri bikes, good prices and wrenches?  Thanks
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    Ottawa Relocation

    I will be living in Ottawa on a temp basis so that I can attend one of the many French language schools to get my language profile.  My employer is arranging accommodation and has suggested either The Carlisle (corner Lyon & Laurier) or a furnished condo at 205 Bolton (Sussex Square) in the...
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    Happy Family Day - Ontario

    Happy Family Day fellow Ontarians.  It was like a ghost town driving into work today.
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    For Sale - Navy Mess Kit

    For sale - navy mess kit.  I bought this mess kit second hand in the early 80's but never wore it and it has been properly stored ever since.  The uniform was made in the UK in 1960. Items: jacket, dress pants, undress pants, black vest. Fabric: doeskin. Has Lt(N) stripes on it (great patina...
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    Is there controversy over Latest Awards to AFG Troops ?

    I'm willing to bet that there are hundreds of circumstances that are similar to those mentioned that our forces have encountered.  I am intensely proud of each and every one of you who have served our country so well.  This country cannot thank you (and your families that are holding down the...
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    Canadian Olympic Results

    Is it just me or are the results of the Canadian Olympic team disappointing so far?  Whatever happened to the predication of 25 medals.