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  1. Marine

    Camo Comparison Shots

    These are some pics I took of a few different types of Camouflage. Enjoy
  2. Marine

    A Marine's Last Words

    Oorah Marine, Thank you for building upon our elustrious Corps and passing your ideas and values. All that you have done will live on through our country's freedom and will be passed down throughout the Marines for generations to come. I cannot say enough what your ultimate sacrifice means to...
  3. Marine

    Update to US Army ACU

    I only buy my cammies from the PX or the clothing store...anything else in unauthorized for wear...unless they have the label on the back of the neck that says "made expressely for the United Sates Marine Corps" and has a Marine Corps Emblem... I would expect the Army to do the same type of...
  4. Marine

    Update to US Army ACU

    I wouldn't be able to wear them. I got my own digital cammies...MCCUU. Does anyone have a ACU comparison to Woodland Cammies? MARPAT(MCCUU)? Analogs? I saw the desert pics. Unfortunately, they didn't have the desert MARPAT in them. I'm going to get some ACUs from Fort Benning and test them...
  5. Marine

    Update to US Army ACU

    Well first of all it's gotta be either fake or a very old picture because the US Army wears the US Flag patches the other way with the blue field toward the front, the rank on the center would not be pinned on but velcroed, and there would be a place for name tapes. Well, that's just a Marine's...
  6. Marine

    Update to US Army ACU

    Why I think grey cammies will work. I am currently is Australia for an op. I was walking to work along a wooded area @ around 0900 or 1000 so it was pretty bright outside. While I was stepping it out, I heard something move in the treeline. I stopped and turned my head, looking for what had...
  7. Marine

    Update to US Army ACU

    Does anyone know of any MARPAT vs ACU vs Multicam vs old Analog pics? in mulitple environments? When I get the ACU and Multicam I will post some pics...
  8. Marine

    Marine Thwarts Car Bomb Attack

  9. Marine


    Yeah, the Platoon Sergeant...yeeeeeeeeaaahhhh..
  10. Marine

    US Army's New Camo

    Well, that makes perfect sense. The Army does wanna turn into the Marine Corps..or at least emulate them. Why else would soldiers in Afghan rolls there sleeves inside out?...who would you rahter attack a platoon of Marines or soldiers..ever heard of the King and coral snakes...
  11. Marine

    US Army Creates New Medal

    I guess the combat action ribbon isn't enough....
  12. Marine

    Expanding the Army

    WTF?....You know what? I have no clue... It was susposed to be in another forum...who knows how it wound up here...
  13. Marine

    Expanding the Army

    And to think PFC Lynch got a Bronze Star....
  14. Marine

    Semper Fidelis

    OORAH!! (by the way, the 1st Sergeant rank is not interchangable with Sergeant, what do you think this is...the Army)
  15. Marine

    NEW US Army Combat Uniform (ACU) debuts monday

    Hopefully the Army only does missions in urban environments from now on, I think some commanders might just tell everyone to wear the Analog woodlands if we go to Korea, or China. (might be unlikey...but) For house to house in Iraq the ACU will do. it seems a little too urban than multi...
  16. Marine

    NEW US Army Combat Uniform (ACU) debuts monday

    Water under the bridge... I saw the ACU on the pentagon channel(AFFES)... it came as quite a shock to me. It had kind of a orange tint. Maybe it was just the lighting. I think it would make a great urban camouflage....but never in the woods...possibly in the desert... Here's a quick pic...
  17. Marine

    NEW US Army Combat Uniform (ACU) debuts monday

    Army of One....I guess that's what PFC Lynch thought too...
  18. Marine

    Kin of Marine Who Shot Policemen Ask if He Is a Casualty of War

    My prayers go out to Lance Corporal Raya's family, Sergeant Stevenson's family and Officer Sam Ryno's family. (Lance Corporal is not interchangable with Corporal, and the 'M' in Marine should always be capital.)
  19. Marine

    NEW US Army Combat Uniform (ACU) debuts monday