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  1. WalfordJ

    BMQ 4-FEB-2013

    Sure is. About 1.5 hrs, give or take... Depending on how fast you want to drive ;D
  2. WalfordJ

    BMQ 4-FEB-2013

    Moncton, NB
  3. WalfordJ

    BMQ 4-FEB-2013

    Where are you all from?
  4. WalfordJ

    BMQ 4-FEB-2013

    I will be there! RMS
  5. WalfordJ

    How often/when is BMQ run?

    I realize course dates are posted on a website that has been mentioned here, however that only shows for this summer/fall, I am looking for when the next courses begin. Is there any courses during the winter months? When generally are they run? When would the next courses begin?
  6. WalfordJ

    Traffic Technician ( merged )

    Hello, excuse the so called "repetitive" post. However I have not been able to find the right information. As far as math goes, how intensive is it? Can you show me the basic math used? I'd assume its just equations to determine capacity of the aircraft etc, can you give me an example? What...