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    Afghanistan, is it worth it- Cheating Spouse Thread

    I don't care how long it's been since this post, or how many people said the same thing... Good for you man, best of luck. Seriously...  :salute:
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    Slagging Split From Mom says daughter should get slain soldier's medal

    Now there's the problem right there...  >:(  Flawless example of double standards. I call Shenanigans... ::) I can only hope others will stand up and speak out... But I fear they're afraid of repercussions, or have already been silenced for doing so... * Roy, you seem like one of the more...
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    Quitting Smoking

    It did to me (made me light-headed, kinda out-of-it) for the first 1/2 pack after not smoking for 6 months. And yeah, nicotine is  THE most addictive substance known to man. And my old-man quit cold-turkey too, him and my step-mother. Thats actually where I got my 1st taste of tobacco, I was in...
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    Taliban Claims Responsbility for Brit Chinook Shoot-Down in Helmand

    :D Quite the difference in reports/casualties...! Unfortunately, sometimes they are somewhat accurate...  :(
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    Excited but yet a little discouraged

    Congrats and good luck recruit! :salute:
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    "Kurdish music star may sue OPP after dramatic highway arrest"

    Wow, compared to some traffic take-downs I've seen (first-hand or taped), that's pretty tame... And professional actually, which is understandable seeing how the officers obviously knew they were being video'd. ::)
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    Gun-toting protesters outside Obama event

    I resent that statement...! I'm southpaw (well, when it comes to shooting)...! ;D
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    Judge: $2M in "gifts" to stripper not taxable

    You can't be charged with tax-evasion if there's nothing they can tax you for...
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    Gun-toting protesters outside Obama event

    :nod: Thats the pont to the story, IMO...
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    Terminally ill Libyan bomber in '88 Lockerbie Pan Am bombing to be released

    If he is truely guilty of the crime, 3 minutes would be too long to set him free. Even if it was only in a wheelchair or on a strecther...  :-X
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    Recce Course

    The Royal Newfoundland Regiment , so his profile says. ;)
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    Seeking Cemetery Photo - ST STEPHEN, NB (Updated 12 Jun 11)

    My grandfather, a pilot in the RCAF during WW2, is buried in Trinity Cemetary... When I go home I can get Pte. Millers tombstone... :salute:
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    Taliban Declares All Roads Closed for Elections

    Between this, and the prospect of voters loosing their "ink-stained" fingers, should make for an intersting week to follow...   :-\
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    Light Infantry - a definition, roles, requirements, capabilities, and a vision for the future

    Without even searching here, Google came up with this... I assume your curious about the "Princess Patricia's Canadian Light Infantry"...? http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Light_infantry But I'm sure someone will correct me if I'm wrong... ;)
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    Basic Up

    So for all intents & purposes, here's the preview for next/this season... http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=JbHGTcUo9Nw&feature=related I just watched all 10 episodes of season 1. Good stuff...! :cdn:
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    Drivers Liscence!?

    Yeah, that's exactely what I mean. That regardless of the staus of your civilian license (never had one, suspended, learners permit, etc), I don't understand how it would effect a military D/L if the two systems are "different"... ??? Thanx for the additional input from all...
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    Basic Up

    Good find Lavitz! Good find for you too, the_girlfirend...! :salute:
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    Drivers Liscence!?

    As with MarioMike, I find it rather contradictory that you need a PDL to get the 404's but dont need a PDL (according to the back of Ammocats' 404 license) to drive a DND vehicle. Wierd...  :-\ Can anyone else add any info...?